Making the Most of Lockdown 2.0

Lockdown resolutions, it turns out, are just as difficult to stick with as New Year’s resolutions. In March, millions of us resolved that we were going to make the most of a bad situation. We were going to keep up with daily yoga practice; we were going to meditate immediately upon waking; we were going to develop new and amazing artistic skills that would astonish our friends the moment that lockdown came to an end. Some of us enjoyed spectacular results. Others weren’t quite so successful.

However much joy you enjoyed with your initial round of lockdown resolutions, it’s worth learning from them the second time around. Let’s look at how we might make the most of lockdown 2.0!

Form a few good habits

Once you’ve developed a knack for performing a certain activity at a certain time of day, it’s easier to think of it as a duty that must be performed. Record your thoughts in a diary first thing in the morning (or last thing at night), and you’ll start to feel slightly strange when you haven’t done it. It’s this feeling that’ll give the new habits you’re trying to develop a little bit of sticking power.

Make the most of your cohabitants

If you’re lucky enough to be sharing a residence with other people, then it’s only sensible to exploit them. If you’re going to dedicate twenty minutes a day to running, then having an accomplice there to guilt-trip you into sticking to your obligation can be more than worthwhile! Similarly, if you’re taking up baking, why not take advantage of the guinea pigs you have at your disposal?

Clear out the house
Making the Most of Lockdown 2.0

When the lockdown is finally lifted, the last thing you want is to have tasks left over that you could have performed when you were stuck in the house. One of these tasks is the wardrobe clear-out. If you didn’t do this during the first lockdown, then you might find that there’s a considerable backlog to sort through. Once you’ve assigned a few rarely-worn items to the rubbish, you can treat yourself to something – ladies nightwear is popular this year, because we’re all spending more time indoors.

Look after your Mental Health

Lockdown has heightened our awareness of the importance of mental healthcare. Just as you might perform the physical exercise to lower your risk of a physical injury, you might make yourself conscious of your thoughts and feelings through mental exercises. This comes in the form of meditative practise, of which the most popular form is mindfulness. It’s easier to learn to do this than ever, and the benefits of just a little bit of practice can be substantial.

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