Inclusivity In Fashion & Beauty: Are We Moving Forward?

The Future of Inclusivity In Beauty

Across the UK there is millions of people who live with a disabilities and we are all so different from each other. Considering how high this number is it’s a sad realisation when you acknowledge that despite how high this number is, diversity is not often represented across billboards, runway, and magazine covers. Perfectly imperfect models confront us every day, everywhere we go. The flawless skinned, perfect figured women are an unrealistic representation of what people are. Different sizes, different ethnicity’s, and some of us being physically impaired is the real standard of beauty, so why is their only one idea of beauty commonly advertising beauty?

Ashley Graham took the world by storm modelling for fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour and Elle. Being a plus size model, she did not fit the ideals of model size guides. Therefore, representing these magazines was a big deal and she became an advocate for plus size women, speaking for the women that are ignored in the industry and encouraging them to embrace their curves and ignore the ideals.  

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 In the Spring of 2018 the fashion world saw the most racially diverse range of models in NYFW history,with white models accounting for over 69.8% and women of colour was at 30% of the runway. This is an increase that is notably fantastic and proves movement towards more diversity is happening slowly but surely!

Age is one of the most ignored factors in the industry but it doesn’t stop such successful models as Twiggy, who at the age of 68 was still proudly modelling for Marks and Spencer’s and is still a fashion and beauty icon! A study conducted by Nottingham TrentUniversity Art and Design students discovered that mature women today felt they were overlooked, as well as their awareness of creating and sporting fashion is often ignored, and undervalued, by fashion designers as well as retailers.

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Youthful beauty has always been the standard on the runway, models such as Sofia Mechetner an Israeli model who at only 14 years old, was chosen to be the face of Dior in 2015. Progress towards adopting broader ages into the fashion and beauty industry but is being spoken about more than in previous years, therefore,this can only entail development towards a more inclusive, diverse future. Right?

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