Guidelines for Choosing a Wig

The funny thing is that the wig is undoubtedly the great protagonist and at the same time, the great unknown. And therefore it requires information and time for your choice. To choose the right wig, you have to take into account the image of the person, comfort, lifestyle, use and maintenance, the budget, etc. All these things to take into account when choosing a wig have a lot to do with the type of wig and the material with which it is made, that is, whether it is natural hair or synthetic hair.

In addition, the choice of hair texture will determine a type of color, image, comfort and maintenance, and therefore it is very important to know the differences before choosing the wig. In this article we want to provide you with the basic differences between the two wigs, to make it easier for you to choose and take away your anguish when faced with something unknown and so necessary. It is also important to consider whether you want to keep the image or change it when choosing your wig, so when you go to the center to choose it will be easier.

The main characteristics of a natural hair wig we could say are:

It is the closest thing to our hair and just as we do with ours we can modify its shape, curl or straighten it, we can change its color, make highlights, etc. Wearing a natural hair wig is the closest thing to going to the hairdresser, but always with the limitations of hair without a life of its own. We can also choose the type of hair, quality, thickness and density. For example, a natural u part wig allows to achieve a highly personalized texture and that the wearer feels very identified with the wig, because it is the closest thing to her image.

The duration of the wig in time is longer and you can make arrangements in specific areas. As weather changes affect our hair and therefore we must use specific products to texturize the hair and take care of it. Maintenance requires more care, therefore the person must know its use well and be well trained to perform the care. If not, it is preferable that you go to a center specialized in oncology aesthetics for its biweekly or monthly tune-up.

The price of this type of wigs is higher.

Curly hair styles are best achieved in natural hair wigs, let’s not forget that the work of shaping the hair is done by a professional and you can use different sizes of curlers according to the wave you want to achieve. In long hair, I also recommend natural hair, because they deteriorate less, the movement and the fall is more natural.

The main basic characteristics of a synthetic hair wig are:

The hairstyle, shape and color cannot be varied. As it is a synthetic fiber, we cannot dye or comb with heat tools because it would spoil. The person will always go with the same hairstyle and will not be affected by atmospheric changes. If you can make a cut that personalizes the image of the person and you can also use hair accessories to look a little more different.

Maintenance is simpler, it can be done at home and it only requires several important points: do not wash with always cold hot water and never dry with styling tools, or give direct heat. it is best to leave it on your head and air dry, it is therefore convenient to take into account the time it takes and when you need it ready. Hydrating shampoo and conditioner should be used. 

There are a wide variety of models on the market that cover most color, cut and style needs.
The shorter hair styles for my taste are more achieved in synthetic hair wigs, the nape is more attached and the movement of the hair is more natural. The manes if they exceed the shoulder and rub on the back deteriorate more easily than natural hair and there is an appearance of dry, damaged ends and even some strands like dreadlocks.

When we go to choose a wig we will have to take into account these technical characteristics and something more intuitive, such as the very feeling that the wig gives us, how we find it, feel identified with it and above all, very beautiful. Comfort cannot prevail over beauty, but you have to coexist and be in a balanced way.

Charlotte Smith

Editor & Chief

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