Face Mask Fashion Gift Guide & Gentle on Your Skin

My face is allergic to surgical face masks. That is why I went on the hunt Face Fashion Items that were delicate on my face. Since it seems, we will be wearing masks until 2021 here is a gift guide or a stocking stuffer idea that everyone will need. 


Face Mask Fashion Gift Guide

The rope.tx mask is made out of jersey material. So it feels great on the skin. It also makes me feel like an old-time bank robber—Bull skull-shaped neck rags made in Texas, which I use as a face mask. 

Face Mask Fashion Gift Guide

Style Cheat

This mask by Style Cheat is for special events because it has such a cute carry bag to boot. THE COMPLETE KIT – MULTI LEOPARD – ADJUSTABLE. A little bag and mask in cheetah print fashion face covering with three-ply, two nose bars (1 to apply to the front and a spare) to apply to the show for a closer fit, also includes a matching cheetah print bag with a clip.

The bag not only means that it is somewhere to keep your mask clean, but it also keeps your mask away from other items in your handbag, once it has been worn. Clip to your jeans or handbag so that it is easily accessible at all times. 

Holistic Silk 

The Holistic Silk face mask is my favourite because it is made from Silk. It feels excellent on m skin—the Reusable Fashion Face Mask is made of Pure Silk with changeable Carbon Filters. Enjoy cleaner air with this hypoallergenic Silk anti-pollution Face Masks. It is made in beautifully soft washable Pure Silk to offer extra comfortable, stylish and hygienic protection.

Comes with two disposable active carbon sheets which filter invisible particles up to PM2.5 in size. Replacement filters are also available.

Face Mask Fashion Gift Guide

Maison Bent

Now, these Maison Bent designs are my New Year’s Eve masks. They are such fashion focuses and are also made from Silk. They come in pretty colours that will allow you to mask your way into spring, just in case. 

The limited-edition SS21 Maison Bent Cotton Poplin Face Mask are an initiative to provide non-medical face masks into the hands of as many people as possible. With restrictions easing worldwide, masks have become mandatory accessories to travel as well as to enter public spaces.

Up-cycled from the offcuts of our SS21 collection, each mask is made from 100% cotton poplin with ruffled elastic straps. The circle shape allows more of your skin to breath in the prevention of ‘face-mask acne’.

For extra protection, medical filters can be added into the pocket at the back of the mask. Available on one size only. 20% of all sales will be donated to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Vegan Happy Clothing

Face Mask Fashion Gift Guide

Vegan Happy Clothing as 100% Animal Cruelty-Free masks.  Why it is another favorite. It feels like silk on the silk and easy to carry. It is light as a feather and washable too.

A non-clinical vegan face mask that conforms to ISO:18184:2019 and is treated with Polyglene ViralOff antibacterial; antiviral technology. This reuseable, single-ply mask kills up to 99% of viruses on the fabric of the mask within 2 hours*.

The antiviral and antibacterial treatment removes the need for washing, and avoid washing where possible to maintain the antiviral effect. If washing is required, hand wash in cold water only. Fitted to the face, helps reduce airborne particles from coughing and sneezing. 

Savage X Fenty

Face Mask Fashion Gift Guide

The mischievous Xtra Ruched Face Mask by Savage X Fenty is for an adult walk during a lockdown. Or some role play while stuck at home in your matching lingerie. The lavender colour is classy and sexy.

The reusable, non-medical grade Xtra Ruched Face Mask features front shirred panels and soft elastic ear loops to secure around your face. Made with antimicrobial technology, our face masks are odour-resistant and help prevent the growth of bacteria after each use.

Which masque is your favourite? Are you finally joining the fashion face mask gang? Follow us on Instagram for some more fashion for your face. Have a happy holiday and stay safe.

charlottle smith

Charlotte is the founder and director of the boutique talent agency. Style Cartel Agency represents a leading roster of talented people of colour & in the modelling world and creative industries. Having identified a gap in representation for emerging talent of colour, Charlotte founded Style Cartel Agency in 2020.

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