Peek Inside A Celebrity Makeup Artist Kit!

The relationship between a celebrity and their makeup artist is a sacred one. One of great trust, understanding and the ability to create magic every single time.  Celebrity makeup artists are also…


As a huge dubstep fan myself, whenever it happens to be brought up in conversation, I am almost always met with someone saying “Oh, you mean like Skrillex”, to which I either…

How To Rock That First Post Lockdown School Run

So the official countdown for kids to go back to school has begun. I am sure that most parents will share my enthusiasm regarding this matter. As much as I love my little girl, doing home schooling, working and taking care of the household is just a bit too much.

Music Mondays: Rock the Boat.

Out of all the weird and wonderful musical trends that have emerged from 2020, by far one of the most unexpected, unforgettable and quite frankly ridiculous has been the sea shanty. Once…

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