About Burna Boy

Burna Boy is a nigerian singer, songwriter and rapper. Describing his music as an afro-fusion; a blend of afrobeats, dancehall riddims, reggae, american rap and R&B; he rose to prominence in the UK in 2012 with the release of his debut album L.I.F.E and the lead single Like to Party. 

In 2018 he featured on the Sunshine Riptide for Fall Out Boy, and his third studio album released soon after; featuring the likes of J Hus and Mabel. More recently, he has also worked alongside Stormzy, Dave, Beyonce and Sam Smith.

Burna Boy has had a very successful career, being nominated for multiple Nigerian Entertainment Awards, the Brits, multiple Grammys and The BET Awards; which he won twice as best international act, including winning the award this year.

This autumn also saw Burna Boy collaborate with e-commerce fast fashion giant boohooMAN on a 120-piece streetwear collection, featuring everything from matching co-ords, contemporary accessories, tie-dye and acid washed clothing and distressed denim; with a custom created “b” logo featuring heavily across the collection.

To celebrate this collection, here are our favourite pieces from the collection; and how you can work them into your wardrobe this winter.

My Favourite Pieces

Cargo Jeans

Cargo jeans are a staple in any streetwear wardrobe, and these slim fit ones are the perfect addition to your selection. Dress them up or play it relaxed, they are the perfect all-round trouser.

Burna Boy Skinny Fit Denim Cargo Jeans, £10.00 @boohooMan

Utility Vest

Utility vests have exploded in popularity in recent years, with luxury brands joining in with fast fashion brands to give the public a wide variety of choice. They are perfect for the cooler months and they are a versatile tool for any wardrobe.

Burna Boy Spliced Utility Vest, £12.00 @boohooMan

Side Stripe Joggers

Another fashion item to have exploded in popularity over the last few years, these are now a mainstay fashion item across the jogger-sphere, and rightly so. Elevating the ‘lowly’ jogger into a trendy item, joggers have taken on a new life. These ones continue that trend with a slim fit cut and are 100% cotton.

Burna Boy Slim Fit Scuba Side Tape Joggers, £8.00 @boohooMan

Double Breasted Suit

Not streetwear by any stretch of the imagination, but this double breasted suit is a perfect entry level suit into the world of tailoring. Only available in black, double-breasted suits are considered more formal than their single buttoned compatriots, however don’t let this put you off. The trousers are a slim fit cut and only come in a 32inch leg, but any reputable tailor would be able to shorten the leg should that be too long.

Fancy taking a look at the entire collection? Click this link here to view it all!

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For years, the internet has questioned the radiance and seemingly unaged skin of Pharrell Williams. Many have wondered how the 47-year-old Musician and Fashion Designer has managed to maintain the same youthful looking skin as when he entered the music industry during the 90s. From conspiracies that he may just be a vampire to endless memes, it is a topic that has continuously floated around social media. 

But now…the secret is out. 

The new line, Humanrace, has been developed and created by Williams alongside his personal dermatologist of 20 years, Elena Jones, MD. Pharrell began his skincare journey with Jones with the intention of wanting to understand more about skin and skin health. 

Aiming to encourage the everyday pursuit of wellbeing, Pharrell has formulated each product to be suitable for all genders, skin types and races. In a recent interview with Allure, Williams explains what he intends to provide the beauty industry with, stating that Humanrace is a full-on brand based on “results, solutions and sensations.” 

The three-step vegan beauty brand, which launches on 25th November, was created to allow you to complete your morning and night routine in just three minutes. The packaging also includes eco-friendly refillable and reusable containers meaning that when you run out; you don’t have to throw it out. Simply, recycle and refill. 

Step 1 – Rice Powder Cleanser 


In Pharrell’s exclusive morning skin-care routine, with Vogue, he describes the Rice Powder Cleanser as one that you “watch come to life in your hands”, as the cleanser transforms from a powder to foam when worked into the skin with water. The transformative cleanser works to brighten and hydrate the skin whilst discarding makeup and excess oil. 

Step 2 – Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator 


Exfoliating, an incredibly important step in Pharrell’s routine, he states on Instagram that “getting rid of dead layers of skin is what really makes all the difference in the world.” A creamy triple-action exfoliator, it combines 8% glycolic acid with physical exfoliants to improve the tone and texture of the skin. With apple extract and antioxidant lotus leaf, the product aims to even out one’s complexion. 

Step 3 – Humidifying Cream 


Created to hydrate and soothe the skin, the Humidifying Cream is packed with snow mushroom extract and squalane, two ingredients that have the ability to generate and restore skin to an optimal level of hydration. The humidifying element was inspired by Pharrell’s upbringing in Virginia, a place he says is often very humid. He believes that humidity is good for the skin and therefore wanted to build a moisturiser that “gives you the effect of being in a humid climate without being hot.” 

Humanrace is available 25th November 9AM PST, exclusively at humanrace.com.

CBD or cannabidiol can be consumed in many ways to receive its therapeutic benefits. Although sublingual consumption through oils and tinctures, oral consumption through CBD edibles,  or inhalation through CBD vape oil using a vaporizer are common methods, CBD can also be absorbed through the skin by various CBD Skin Care Products such as creams, balms, and lotions. CBD skincare products are usually known as topicals, and they can provide relief from pains and aches and help with plenty of skin conditions when applied to the affected skin area.

How is CBD absorbed through the skin?

Unlike other consumption methods, CBD topicals don’t reach the bloodstream but are instead absorbed through the skin’s receptors to quickly treat the affected area. After applying and massaging a CBD topical cream or balm, CBD activates the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), responsible for regulating many body processes. It then binds to the cell receptors in the skin, muscle tissue, and nerves to reduce pain and inflammation. The thick nature of skin is the reason why CBD doesn’t enter the bloodstream.

Benefits of Topical CBD 

Despite the popularity and advantages of other CBD consumptions method, topical CBD has many benefits that include:

  • Quick and direct effect – Topical CBD has a quick and direct effect on the areas it is applied. In other consumption methods such as oral consumption, CBD has a systemic effect on the body, meaning that it has to travel through the whole body to be effective. Moreover, in oral consumption, the CBD needs to be digested first to reach the bloodstream, taking up to 4 hours. If you want instant pain relief, that long wait is unacceptable.
  • Treating different types of pain – Most consumers use Topical CBD to alleviate pain from different conditions, such as chronic pain, acute pain, peripheral neuropathy, and myofascial pain. Topical CBD is also used to help reduce pain in many patients receiving palliative care. 
  • Treating arthritis – Since there is no cure for arthritis, people with arthritis usually use many treatment forms to alleviate symptoms. Many patients turn to CBD to treat arthritis pain since it is more natural than over-the-counter pain relief medication. Moreover, CBD can be a perfect option for pain relief if you are allergic to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen and naproxen sodium.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – Topical CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are not only limited to reducing aches and pains, but it can also help reduce oil production, which can help treat acne and help with other inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, allergic contact dermatitis, and scleroderma. 
  • Anti-ageing skincare – CBD has antioxidant properties, which can help target the visible signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and dullness.
  • Good for sensitive skin – CBD oil has skin-soothing properties and can help skin-related issues such as redness, making topical CBD a good option for sensitive skin. 


Many studies have shown the role of topical CBD in treating skin conditions, so massaging topical CBD on to the skin may be worth trying to treat specific skin conditions and alleviate pain in target areas when used as a spot treatment. 

The AW20 collection from DZHUS offers us complicated cuts and transformable garments. Designer Irina Dzhus plays on the irony of ‘must-have styles’, mimicking the normalized fast fashion and wear once culture. With striking silhouettes and smart styling, DZHUS proves that this autumn there is no need to over spend on clothing – simply restyle to create a new look.

Dzhus Lookbook

Multi-Purpose For Ethical Consumption

You can’t deny that the culture of buying cheap and wearing once is prevalent today, though this seems to be slowly changing through ‘shop small’ or ‘mend’ movements – Dzhus gives us an interesting take on the problem. Instead of having one garment for one purpose, why not wear it in more than one way? 

Featured within the collection is a shirt that doubles as a handbag, when worn it looks refined and classic – but later the model is seen clutching the collar and using it as a bag. Clever innovations permeate through Irina’s work, with another pair of shorts transforming into a bag. 

Dzhus Lookbook

The pieces flow together despite the fact they can be worn in different styles, with a minimal color palette and exceptional, sculptural silhouettes this collection could be a preview for the future of consumption. The collection showcases a double sided architectonic puffer that fits the wearer perfectly when worn upside down, proving we are sometimes closed minded when it comes to styling. DZHUS state that ‘what is considered a wrong side always hides enormous utilitarian potential’.

Fashion Film Success

Dzhus Lookbook

A fashion film accompanies the collection, this provides us with stylists rapidly transforming the pieces – showing us how versatile the clothes are in under three minutes. Seeing the energy of the pieces change so quickly allows us to understand how adaptable one garment can be. DZHUS states ‘the wearer feels a change of their mind-set and, eventually, experience escapist insights in synergy with their newly generated shape.’ The film itself went on to become a finalist at the Fashion Film Kyiv 2020, proving that this is a concept we can all get behind this year. 

Dzhus Lookbook

 A Collection Made Without Harm

DZHUS also pride themselves on using cruelty-free fabrics, an ethical stance core to the label. The brand’s ideology ‘stands for consciousness and humanity’. DZHUS have been recognized for their work in the ethical fashion field, as in 2019 they won the Cruelty-Free Fashion prize at Best Fashion Awards – one of the most prestigious fashion ratings in Ukraine.

Check out the film here and the brand here.

BLOKE’s SS/21- “IS IT EVER ENOUGH?’ via @bloke_ng on Instagram

Going strong since 2011, Lagos Fashion Week has become a staple in the African fashion industry, showcasing emerging talents from across Nigeria.

Championing collaboration and supporting novices in the fashion industry, Omoyemi Akerele’s LagosFW is about more than just clothes and prides itself on bridging the gap between the industry and creatives, as well as giving back to the community.

This season, they’re back and have announced a number of partnerships that will propel African designers to the forefront of the fashion space. Starting today, Lisa Folawiyo, IAMSIGO and Emmy Kasbit will be featured on Le New Black; the likes of Orange Culture, Nkwo and Maxivie will be showing on Paris’ leading tradeshow, Tranoi, and marketplace for high-end fashion, Moda Operandi, will be home to BLOKE, Christie Brown and Andrea Iyamah until December 1st.

In the midst of difficulties presented by COVID-19 and the ongoing fight for justice in Nigeria, Lagos Fashion Week is committed to advancing young African talent and creating opportunities that will place them on the world stage.

Their Fashion Business Series is a space that facilitates “conversation, exchange of ideas, and networking to develop the fashion industry”. Today, Francois Souchet of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation will be giving the keynote address on disrupting the status quo of fashion; and Adebayo Oke-Lawal, designer of Orange Culture will be spearheading the conversation on the future of fashion education in Africa.

via @lagosfashionweekofficial on Instagram

From the worldwide ENDSARS protests to the celebration of Afrobeats, it looks like Nigerian voices are finally being heard, and we hope this is more than just a phase. African talent has for too long been overlooked, but initiatives like Lagos Fashion Week are a reminder that Africa is the birthplace of all creativity and the rest of the world is following in their footsteps.

Men and Make-up? Here’s the breakdown of all the brands you should know about if you’re venturing into the world of make-up!

The global beauty industry, worth a incomprehensible figure, has been heavily focused on women for many years. Missing the huge potential consumer base of men!

In the past the common toiletries bag of a man would consist of shaving cream, cologne, deodorant and maybe the ever so popular Nivea Post Shave Balm. However, in recent years, men have started to adopt strides towards using more skincare and adding makeup into their ‘get ready’ routine. Mens makeup has often been a sensitive subject, often due to makeup being classified as a feminine ritual. Though, this isn’t the case at all, often male beauty brands will create such products to give men the opportunity (much like women) to enhance their beauty. Whether that be from disguising late nights or breakouts with concealer, putting on a sleep in mask to replenish the skin after a long day, or adding some colour to the cheeks after not spending enough time outside, social acceptance of this has never been so high! After all, why should any type of self-care be discriminated against?

Men’s skin although more durable than women’s, still needs as much TLC as us women put into ours, and it is finally starting to become more accepted! The modern day man wants to look their best every day, therefore, we’ve whittled down a variety of men’s makeup and skincare brands so that all men reading this can become the best version of themselves, from today! (Depending on delivery)

MMUK MAN: Men’s Makeup

MMUK provides the UK’s best range of makeup products and also has a super helpful category list for your skin type, making it much easier to find the perfect products.

Shop Them Here

War Paint For Men

War Paint For Men was created with the idea of changing the perception of mens makeup. Including helpful guides, tips and tricks, video tutorials, and a great ‘shop by step’ option! Meet the founder below!

Shop Them Here


ManKind has a wide range of products from hair, skin, body, makeup and more, including a variety of brands. Great for those that have their beauty regimes down to a T!

Shop Them Here

Do you have any favourite products that arn’t here? Share them with us! @stylecartel on all social platforms!

This holiday season, get ready to discover the most divine beauty & chocolate advent calendars yet!

Charlotte Tilbury Bejewelled Chest of Beauty Treasures

 All Charlotte Tilbury fans will be super excited to discover this chest of treasures! It includes magical FULL SIZE and travel size makeup and skincare ICONS, with a complete holiday look in one bejewelled, golden treasure trove of beauty marvels!

This magical gift includes:

FULL SIZE Hollywood Beauty Light Wand in Spotlight: My dreamy rose gold highlighter inspired by the digitally-remastered tricks of Hollywood & the flawless filters of social media. The secret to a lit-from-within glow!

FULL SIZE NEW! Colour Chameleon In Copper Lights: A gorgeous, LIMITED-EDITION copper shade that will enhance the look of your eye colour in an easy-glide formula.

FULL SIZE Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk Original: My iconic best-selling, award-winning dreamy nude-pink matte lipstick. It is the celebrity-loved suits-all secret for a dreamy, perfected-looking pout.

TRAVEL SIZE Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray: Primes and sets makeup for up to 16 HOURS without melting*, fading or creasing. My secret to makeup that looks ‘just applied’ all day!

TRAVEL SIZE Goddess Skin Clay Mask: The ultimate red-carpet essential, this glow-giving clay mask will give you gorgeous-looking skin in minutes. I send this to all of my celebrity clients before a red-carpet event!

TRAVEL SIZE My Magic Cream: My award-winning, celebrity-loved moisturiser to give you hydrated, dewy-looking skin in an instant with a matrix of magic ingredients that intensely moisturise the complexion.

TRAVEL SIZE My Magic Serum Crystal Elixir: The SUPERCHARGED secret to your skin’s best future! A CLINICALLY proven hydrating SERUM for youthful-looking skin.

TRAVEL SIZE Wonderglow primer: Glow on-the-go! This mini Wonderglow is my must-have beauty secret. A glowing primer for a radiant, dewy-looking complexion.

TRAVEL SIZE Rock ‘N’ Kohl eyeliner in Barbarella Brown: an intense brown kohl eyeliner, perfect for an alternative to traditional black kohl for sexy smoked-up eyes in an instant!

TRAVEL SIZE Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! mascara: A miracle mascara that gives lashes long-lasting volume, length and a weightless 24-hour VERTICAL LIFT EFFECT!

TRAVEL SIZE Lip Cheat lip liner in Pillow Talk Original: My ICONIC, globally-loved barely-there nude pink lip liner to help to re-shape and re-size the appearance of your lips.

TRAVEL SIZE Supermodel Body: A super-hydrating body shimmer to sculpt and highlight for glossy perfection.

Roccabox Beauty Advent Calendar

Roccabox, the monthly beauty subscription box, has launched its first ever beauty advent calendar, an epic beauty buy containing 21 full sized-products, worth over £365. There is a huge variety of beauty luxuries to suit everyone- from hair masks to skin oils- making the Roccabox advent calendar 2020 a well-rounded and thoughtfully curated collection of must-haves. In true Roccabox style, the advent calendar also contains a selection of up-and-coming and niche brands, giving beauty lovers the chance to discover hot new products and insider favorites before everyone else.

What is included?

Skin Chemists Rose Quartz Youth Defence Lip Plump, Dr Paw Paw Tinted Ultimate Red Balm, Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner, Grace & Stella Rescue My Hair Mask, Umberto Gianini Curl Magic Mask, Q&A Peppermint Daily Cleanser, Eclat Skin Lonson Rose Blossom glow Facial Oil, Murad Replenishing Multi-acid Peel, BeautyPro Tumeric Sheet Mask, Avant Supreme Hyaluronic Acid Anti-oxidising DUO Moisturiser, Nue Co Defense Drops, Dr Lipp Mini Original Nipple Balm, Father & Down Pillow Spray, Burshwords HD Multi Tasking Complexion Sponge, So Eco Stippling Brush, Code Beautiful Soft Smooth Lip Liner, Balance active Formula Gold Collagen Rejuvenating Serum, Sunday Riley C.E.O Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream, Lunar Glow Moisture Setting Spray, Daily Concepts Lip Scrubber, AfterSpa Magic Makeup Remover Cloth, MAYY Velvet Hydro Matte Lipstick, FURR Beauty Lash Curler, Nails Inc FOMO Nail Polish, Grüum Gosta Facial Tonic. Available here.

MAC Cosmetics Advent Calendar

A first look at the MAC Cosmetics advent calendar and it takes the design from the Frosted Firework Christmas collection in a metallic pink-lilac colour. The MAC Boom Boom Wow advent calendar is a circular shape and has 24 days of mini MAC products including eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglass and Fix Plus Setting Spray. MAC’s advent calendar is definitely hot property and has become one of the most-wanted calendars.


  • Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Feels So Grand FULL SIZE
  • In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara MINI
  • Lipglass in Clear MINI
  • Small Eyeshadow in Omega FULL SIZE
  • Small Eyeshadow in Naked Lunch FULL SIZE
  • Small Eyeshadow in Girlie FULL SIZE
  • Small Eyeshadow in Ruddy FULL SIZE
  • Small Eyeshadow in I’m Into It FULL SIZE
  • Prep + Prime Lip Original FULL SIZE
  • Powder Kiss Lipstick in Devoted to Chili FULL SIZE
  • Pop Dazzleshadow Eye Shadow in Last Dance FULL SIZE
  • Lipglass in Spice MINI
  • Lipglass in Very Go Lightly MINI
  • Lipglass in Candy Box MINI
  • Lipglass in All Things Magical MINI
  • Lipstick in Russian Red MINI
  • Lipstick in Girl About Town MINI
  • Lipstick in Twig MINI
  • Lipstick in Del Rio MINI
  • Lipstick in Dubonnet MINI
  • Brow Set in Clear
  • Strobe Cream in Pinklight SAMPLE
  • Prep + Prime Fix+ in Original SAMPLE
  • MAC Keychain

Fairytale Christmas Pierre Marcolini Advent Calendar 2020

Both tasteful and playful, this exquisite new tale by Pierre Marcolini captures and enhances the spirit of Christmas. With original textures and iconic festive creations that demonstrate the unique expertise of the Maison, this impressive collection promises seasonal sensations and matchless memories. Those who are impatient for the day itself can feed their excitement with the charming Advent Calendar…

This festive season, discover the joy of expectation as we count down the days to Christmas with the Advent calendar styled as a children’s fairy tale. As the days pass, young and old will be enchanted by Pierre Marcolini’s iconic chocolates as well as his new seasonal creations. 

24 piece box Price: £49.00 BBE: 3 months

Pierre Marcolini’s Christmas Collection 2020 will be available from 30th October from the Marylebone Boutique, counters in Harrods and Marylebone and online via the E.store eu.marcolini.com 

When it comes to shopping today, there is no need to even take a single step to go out from your home all you need to do type in a couple of alphabets, and you have the world at your fingertips. There is a plethora of online shopping websites and apps that cater to the need of various shopping connoisseurs. However, not all these platforms can offer you the same experience. That is why there is a tough competition between choosing the right platform for oneself to shop from. When it comes to buying the best slides online, there are a lot of media that can offer you the best perks and deals, along with some of the best products that you will love and come back for another pair.

The list of the best places to buy sandals online follows hereafter:

Nike – this is a brand known for the goods it puts out, from humble beginnings behind the back of a car to becoming one of the largest brands in the world. You get everything whether you are looking for a pair of sandals for brunch to a pair that you can take to the gym. The products are the result of using the latest technology that is available, and the products can guarantee comfort and performance that is unrivaled by any other.

Amazon – bringing you the trendiest collection before it is available anywhere else. Amazon is like your personal stylist when it comes to shopping for sandals. The number of filters that you can set to help make your search more accessible is one of the perks that you will enjoy on this platform. This is the perfect platform for people looking for the best deals on amazing collections.

Target – don’t ask yourself why you are not surprised to see your favorite superstore on the list. Offering you one of the broadest range of collections target gets you some of the best deals on sandals. The best part is that the size variation that you get.

Freedom Moses – this brand makes shoes that are recyclable, waterproof, washable, and animal friendly. During the 2020 Black Friday, they provide a minimum 20% discount on all their products. Freedom Moses slides are designed to provide a comfortable walking experience.

ASOS – here you’re sure to find some of the most trendy and stylish sandals for women, giving you the flexibility to choose from regular fit or wide fit. This can be a lifesaver for many as they will not have to go through the returning process of different websites. The sandals put you right at the top in the game of fashion and are also budget-friendly, so you do not have to dig deep into your pockets.

Nordstrom – if you are someone looking for luxury brands, this is the right platform for you, you enjoy a large selection of sandals and various brands to choose from. Offering you free shipping and free returns you can try as many pairs as you like before settling on a piece.

Most of the platforms mentioned in the list offer free returns and free shipping on purchases beyond a certain amount. The return or refund policies differ from website to website so make sure that you go through the T&C before you buy a product for ease and convenience.

PrettyLittleThing Modest Fashion Monday is here just in time for some needed fashion retail therapy. When we shouted about the Modest fashion collection by PrettyLittleThing, we had to get our hands on it. And let our style editor work her magic. Her aim was to make any women want it and fell unique in her modest wear. You can look expensive with little effort. 

PrettyLittleThing Modest Fashion Monday

We choose five different women, and even the style editor wore a look. Each adapted to their own style and just added luxury accessories sneakers or high heel shoes. Style can’t be bought, and modesty is not only about religion.  This look transcends all ages now wearing sneakers is everyday wear. Most of us wear Jourdan 1’s regularly. 

PrettyLittleThing Modest Fashion Monday Outfit Ideas to Feel Sassy In

The other key element is a boiler suit or a plain jumpsuit. The PLT KHAKI UTILITY CONTRAST ZIP JUMPSUIT, this on-trend jumpsuit smashes it and not your pocket. Featuring a khaki material with an elasticated waist, long sleeve fit and zip up fastening, we love this teamed with a pair of Jourdan 1’s and a Hermés scarf

Feel Sassy In PrettyLittleThing Modest Fashion

Every modest Muslim fashionista has an abaya in her closet, mostly for special occasions. PLT has answered our prayers for an everyday one, this STONE PLAIN ABAYA can be worn for special occasions or just a day in with the girls with no fuss. Just add a luxury scarf like this Burberry one and voila you make the look expensive. 

Feel Sassy In PrettyLittleThing

Same dress in a rich rusty colour perfect for winter, two women and two ways to wear it modestly classy, sexy and sassy. The style and cut make slim women look like she has curves and a curvy lady look sexy while flattering the curves because of ruching—the RUST SATIN HIGH NECK TIE FRONT MIDI DRESS. This luxurious midi dress is for the weekend date night. Featuring a rust satin fabric with a high neckline, ruched detailing and a tie front design, team this with heels and simple accessories for a look that suits your own style.

We love matching it with gold so add a gold stiletto or embellish with your grandmothers pearls like we did. paired with a simple head scarf. Who said dressing modestly had to be boring. It is all about how you wear and ow that Pretty Little Things makes looks that have a little sassiness let’s get ready for 2021. 

Which are your favourite looks? Follow us on Instagram for more modest fashion tips.  If you enjoy our PrettyLittleThing Modest Fashion Monday leaves us a note down below.

Fashion Editorial Photography by

Sachin Ghataaura


Gabriel Myerscough



Ayan Hassan



This week’s Shoutout Sunday is with East London based business planning manager and Aspiring Model Layla Begum.

Meeting with Style Cartel posing elegantly in the vibrant and lively area of Portobello Road in London’s Ladbroke Grove, her warm nature and kind personality is what we enjoyed the most about Layla as she explains to us in this feature her ambitions in becoming a model, the helpful role she has within public health services as well as her involvement in campaigns that involved raising awareness which featured in BBC One’s current affairs programme Panorama.

Layla Begum for Style Cartel.
Shoutout Sunday Layla Begum, Ladbroke Grove (2020)

Who is this week’s Shoutout Sunday Layla?

Name: Layla Begum

Occupation: NHS Business Planning Manager

Based in: East London

Currently signed at: www.bamemodels.com  

Height: 5’5” (165cm)

Shoe Size: 6 (39)

Waist: 37cm

Eye Colour: Black

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/layla_a_begum/

Favourite Season: Winter 

Favourite City: London

Go to Fashion Brand: ASOS / Oliver Bonas / Joy

Layla Begum for Style Cartel.
Layla Begum, Ladbroke Grove (2020)

Layla thank you so much for taking part as this week’s face for Shoutout Sunday, we enjoyed photographing you earlier in the week at Ladbroke Grove and you seemed like a kind caring individual. Could you start by introducing yourself and informing Style Cartel about what occupation you are currently working in?

Hi and thank you for noticing my personality. I am Layla and I work in the NHS as a Business Planning Manager, thank you so much for allowing this photoshoot to be my first modelling collaboration. Both the photographers were so easy to work with.

Who are you currently signed with at the moment?

I recently got signed with BAME Model Agency.
Layla Begum for Style Cartel.
Layla Begum, Ladbroke Grove (2020)

Who is your favourite Fashion Designer and name one outfit that you admired the most?

Coco Chanel – Original Little Black Dress (1920’s), I do also Ralph Lauren’s Designs.

Name a campaign that you have been part of?

BBC Panorama “Who wants to be a Bitcoin Millionaire, 2018”
Layla Begum for Style Cartel.
Layla Begum, Ladbroke Grove (2020)

Describe to us your typical working day routine?

I kick start my day with jogging before starting at 9am. My daily routine includes being very organised, attending meetings and prioritising project activities. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I’ve been working from home and supporting the new formed Trust PPE team (partnernship work with the Procurement, Estates and Infection Prevention Control) helping our Trust frontline staffs with PPE kits for service delivery.

What motivates you at your current place of work?

I’ve been in the NHS for the past 10 years and I am motivated by the diverse leaders, staff development and the selfless top rating service they provide to care for our patients.

You have mentioned on your Instagram bio that you have featured on BBC’s known television programme Panorama, what was this about and what did you enjoy about it?

BBC Panorama featured my story to raise awareness as I am a victim of scam trading as cryptocurrency. I enjoyed speaking out and helping with the investigation.
Layla Begum for Style Cartel.
Layla Begum, Ladbroke Grove (2020)

If you could give one piece of advice to those passionate in the arts, creative or hospitality industries what it would be and why?

Have Mentors. Learn from their mistakes to fast track your success.
Layla Begum for Style Cartel.
Layla Begum, Ladbroke Grove (2020)

Photos: Sachin Ghataaura

Besides our online feature, Layla’s portraits can be seen on our official Instagram page.


If you however enjoyed reading about Layla, you can still view our previous Shoutout Sunday feature with Creative Director and Founder of The Cactus Agency Zaf Shabir who was photographed in Shoreditch by clicking on https://stylecartel.com/shout-out-sunday-zaf-shabir-stylist-creative-mind/.

Style Cartel readers keep tuned as our next Shoutout Sunday feature will coming very soon, keep safe and have a lovely week.

Burna Boy
Homme Boy Style x Burna Boy

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This holiday season, get ready to discover the most divine beauty & chocolate advent calendars yet! Charlotte Tilbury Bejewelled Chest of Beauty Treasures  All Charlotte Tilbury fans will be super excited to…

The Best Places to Buy Sandals Online
The Best Places to Buy Sandals Online

When it comes to shopping today, there is no need to even take a single step to go out from your home all you need to do type in a couple of alphabets,

Layla for Shoutout Sunday
Shoutout Sunday Feature 6 – Layla Begum

We are happy to announce this week’s Shoutout Sunday, East London based aspiring model and business planning manager Layla Begum who met with Style Cartel posing gracefully in London’s Portobello Road.