Activities to Look Forward to after Lockdown

The prospect of a winter spent in lockdown might not be an especially palatable one, to put it mildly. If you’re looking for a way to spend the time while remaining upbeat, then it’s worth planning for 2021. Not only will this provide a way of maintaining positivity in a distressing time, but when the lockdown is finally relaxed, you’ll be able to get straight out and put your plans into action!

The Pub

We got an opportunity to get back into the pub and socialise when the lockdown was lifted over the summer – but it wasn’t quite the same. For one thing, there were half a dozen anticontagion measures in place. For another, we were all paranoid about the table next to us breathing in the wrong direction. When we’re finally able to socialise as we should, we’ll all probably feel as though a burden has been lifted – and the pub is the natural location for this unburdening to take place.

Live Music

Activities to Look Forward to after Lockdown

Live music is something that’s completely hostile to an age of social distancing. At a gig, hundreds of people are crammed shoulder-to-shoulder, especially near the very front. Moreover, significant numbers of these people might be encouraged to sing along, and thereby propel billions of germs into the air. But live music is something that makes life more fulfilling – and when we finally experience it again, we might realise for the first time how much we’ve really missed it.


A similar set of problems prevents a return to sporting venues, where communal chanting is similarly encouraged. But the worlds of football, rugby, cricket and tennis just haven’t been the same in venues without any live spectators. It just makes the whole activity seem slightly mundane – as though the professional footballers we’re watching are just having a pre-season practice match. Fake crowd noises can do a job – but there’s nothing quite like being there to witness these events in the flesh.


Global tourism has taken a significant pummelling in 2020. But when lockdown measures are lifted around the world, many of us might seek to make up for a lost time. Given that the relaxation will be gradual, it’s worth getting slightly ahead of the curve in order to avoid the crowds. You might not even have to go abroad – you can take a Doncaster to London train and still have time for an entire day in the city.

Family Gatherings

Activities to Look Forward to after Lockdown

Christmas 2020 is likely to be a muted affair. Thus, we’ll be making up for the lost time when we finally do get the chance to mingle with the rest of the family and catch up with everyone. Many of those rarely-seen family members might have changed beyond recognition after all this time! Whether this reunion occurs at Easter, or Christmas 2021, it’s worth starting to plan early to make it an extra-special one.

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