Zodiac Makeup look: Scorpio

Welcome to the series of 12 looks for 12 zodiacs! This series of looks are all wearable and easy to apply. It’s now the Scorpio’s turn!

Scorpio:L’Oreal Infalliable Mega Lip Gloss

October 22 – November 21

Scopio girls are the passionate one. They are stubborn, they know exactly what they want and are determined to achieve them. A strong leader? I think so. I would picture her as a leader of the group project, who think and act fast. She tells who’s doing what. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not the bossy girl, she’s just quick in making decisions. Scorpios are also calm and look mysterious at the same time. Well, I imagine her as someone with bold lipstick and no need for complicated heavy eye make up. She wakes up in the morning with her to do list, confidently put on her favourite eye catching lipstick colour and heads out for her productive day.

Loreal lip gloss

Therefor the product we are reviewing today for the Scorpio is L’Oreal Infalliable Mega Lip Gloss (Matt) in the colour “Smoke Me Up”.


Brief steps:

  1. Apply foundation with a beauty blender
  2. Apply bronzer around the frame of your face
  3. Draw your brow in a slight arch shape, gel them if you like. Make sure it’s not too dark, otherwise you might look too angry. The goal is to look like a strong but kind girl boss.
  4. Depends on your chosen lips colour, choose a cheek colour that’s in the same undertone. I chose pinkish tone instead of orange or brown.scorpio
  5. For the eyes, apply only one layer of light brown eyeshadow to create some shadow, draw inner eyeliner, and make sure to apply mascara for a complete eye look.
  6. Apply first layer of the liquid lipstick.
  7. Absorb the excess amount of lip product with a tissue paper, then reapply the lipstick.

Tips for choosing a strong colour for your lips:

For a bold lips colour, avoid red with the same undertone of your skin colour. Why? Because that’s too basic. I have yellow tone skin, so a bright red with orange tone would make me look very ‘traditional’, like how you would imagine a painting of an ancient ladies would look like. Try red with blue or purple undertone, you would look more fashion forward. However, this is personal preference.


Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the upcoming 10 looks!

Written by Contributing Fashion Writer/Illustrator – Mee Jong

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