Y/Project S/S 2017 The Haute and High Waisted Collection


DÉFILÉ DU JOUR|Y/Project S/S 2017

Y/Project has become one of the hottest tickets to have during Paris Fashion week since the brand was award LVMH prize money.  The show is usually the last one of the evening and is like the old club days in New York.   When the door people picked you to get in or you knew them.  Was this a sign of the theme of the show?

Style and an invite is what you need to get into this very Haute Couture street style and wear labels show.   This collection reminds me of Left Eye Lopez, only her and of course Rhianna can turn these pieces into street style must haves.

The Haute and High Waisted Collection

For the second runway show for Y/Project it started off with street looks like denim knickers and a new kind of reconstruction.  Paying  tribute to Luis Buñuel’s iconic film from the 70s, the neo-bourgeois.  The nouveau bourgeois charm trend.  There was a certain pureness to Glenn Marten’s Y/Project show this season.


The collection was  luxurious  and filled with decadence and a little Marie Antoinette – think corsets and white pearl chokers.  The models wore shiny sling-back satin pumps which were accessorizing street-wear inspired outfits. Martens took Baroque period costumes and Gothic bourgeois style as his main references.   This season the designer mixed them up with his so-called “21st century club-kid” aesthetics which were epitomized not only through urban wear but with plenty of deconstructed details. Hence the wait at the door to enter club Y/Project.

The nouveau bourgeois charm trend

More hints of change to the label, were the extra-large jeans that buttoned up on themselves.  The workwear shirts freshly slashed and cropped so they were more come-hither than come hammer.  Wait then came velvet, a clash of nouveau bourgeois charm and aristocracy.


The women’s runway show had, several looks with denim knickers shown with matching chaps.  The velvet pieces came in fushia and black velvet, with  tube dress that barely covered the models backsides.

The  designer’s aim seemed to be the desire to  blur the lines between ladylike and lady of the night; Blame it on snapchat.  The velvet body-con pieces to could easily be perfect for one of the Hadid sisters.  I really love to watch the rise of Y/Project.

Each season the front row at least get more interesting.  The true influencers who follow emerging designers are always present.  I know I want a pair of jeans and a little velvet.

DÉFILÉ DU JOUR|Y/Project S/S 2017


Photos by Rudy de Monteiro


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