The HOMMEBOY STYLE OF| Younes Bendjima Fuck Boy Cute

Younes Bendjima hommeboy style

Younes Bendjima Fuck Boy Cute

Rumor has it that Younes Bendjima the French/Algerian,has seduced Kourtney Kardashian.  We are not made at her at all and happy she has moved on from Scott. Hallelujah!! Age is just a number and although they have more than a 10 year difference, who cares you go girl!  This model boxer is our Hommeboy Style man of the week.


The HOMMEBOY STYLE OF Younes Bendjima Fuck Boy Cute

Admittedly Younes Bendjima is cute as hell,  youthful, handsome, and  perfect six pack.  Go to his Instagram for a visual. This young Algerian has the “je ne sais quoi” that an older women needs, to keep her on her game. He is the new boy in town and is part of the Trendy army.

The HOMMEBOY STYLE OF| Younes Bendjima Fuck Boy Cute

Discovered at 17 by Gaspard Lukali, a French agent who lives in NY.   Younes has always had the taste of the good life. The model/boxer threw himself headlong into boxing after reading about his two idols: Myke Tyson and Mohammad Ali.


The HOMMEBOY STYLE OF| Younes Bendjima Fuck Boy Cute

And although today it no longer fights in the ring, Younes continues to train three times a week. He  is  still recklessness and young at 24 years (Kourtney is 14 years older).  He splits his time between Paris, New York and Los Angeles.  


The HOMMEBOY STYLE OF| Younes Bendjima Fuck Boy CuteHe grew up in a family without financial resources with a predilection for hype places, turquoise seas and beautiful cars. “I love to travel, he says the” New York Post, “I grew up in a very modest family, we did not have the means to explore the world, I left my comfort zone when I was still very young at 17. I love New York, the city brought me so much and helped me to mature.

His style mirrors all the cool kids.  He is also Jourdan Dunn’s ex. He made his debut in 2013 walking the catwalk for Givenchy and has gone on to model for Hermes, Calvin Klein, Burberry and Ralph Lauren. He stands at 6ft 2 in and is on the books of Next Model Management.

Born in Algeria in 1993, Younes worked in his father’s restaurant before training as a boxer.  He speaks fluent Arabic, English and French.  His mother lives in Paris and he splits his time between the French capital and New York.

The HOMMEBOY STYLE OF| Younes Bendjima Fuck Boy Cute

We hope this one last.  It is always okay for a man to date younger, so go Kourtney.  Who cares about age, when the guys this fine!!! Let’s hope he will contiue to rock shorts and now shirts , and more runway looks. Vive Algerie!


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