Explore Tropical Beauty on a Martinique and St Vincent Yacht Charter

Explore tropical beauty on a Martinique and St Vincent yacht charter  

While some yacht charterers dream of a tranquil tropical escape to a desert-island style coral atoll, others are more drawn to volcanic, rugged islands with pretty beaches edged by lush jungle and hidden waterfalls.

Explore Tropical Beauty on a Martinique and St Vincent Yacht Charter

For those seeking a jungle and beach adventure in a beautiful volcanic archipelago, a Windward Islands yacht charter offers a magnificent option. With the heartbreaking exception of Dominica, the Windward chain was left largely unscathed by the recent hurricanes, making the Windward Islands a superb choice for a Caribbean yacht charter in the winter of 2017/18.

As winter grips the northern hemisphere, why not plan a rugged explorer escape to two of the chain’s most spectacular volcanic isles on a luxury Windward Islands charter yacht?

Get to know Martinique’s unique French-Caribbean charms

Martinique presents a breathtaking combination of Parisian charm and Caribbean island life, beneath the backdrop of lush volcanoes that soar above the coast. On a Martinique yacht charter, you can sip fragrant coffee in the Parisian cafes that grace the capital of Fort de France. Laze on the white-sand beaches of the south. Or thrillingly traverse the mountainous rainforest of the south coast by horseback or Harley. End your journey around Martinique relaxing on volcanic black-sand beaches that glitter enticingly in the Caribbean sun.


Explore Tropical Beauty on a Martinique and St Vincent Yacht Charter

Martinique’s delicious French-Creole cuisine and cosmopolitan culture can’t help but enchant on your excursions ashore. Yet you’ll soon be drawn back to the luxurious delights of your Martinique charter yacht. Anchor in a secluded bay, where you can swim, jet ski and dine on deck, all within sight of a heavenly view of coconut palms and ancient volcanoes.


Moving south in the Leeward Islands chain, you’ll come to St Vincent, the gateway island to the extraordinary Grenadines. A St Vincent superyacht charter promises hiking to volcanic peaks and bathing in mineral springs. Don’t miss blissful hours relaxing on the breathtakingly beautiful Petit Byahaut beach, only accessible by boat and edged by thick jungle. Anchor off the spectacular Falls of Baleine, where a majestic 60-foot waterfall tumbles into a deep freshwater pool.


Explore Tropical Beauty on a Martinique and St Vincent Yacht Charter

Cruise slightly to the southwest onboard your St Vincent superyacht charter and you’ll soon come upon the stunning islands of the Grenadines. Discover the many treasures of the Grenadines, from the spectacular diving off Bequia’s white-sand beaches and the exclusive spa hotels of Mustique to the turquoise lagoons and shipwrecks of the Tobago Cays. Head even further south, and you’ll fall helplessly in love with the idyllic private island of Petit Vincent, before making landfall at Grenada – the famed spice island where nutmeg and cinnamon grow abundantly in the lush green hills.

Explore Tropical Beauty on a Martinique and St Vincent Yacht Charter

A Windward Islands superyacht charter is paradise found, boasting the perfect mix of silky sand beaches and rugged volcanic beauty. Who says you can’t have it all?


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