Y-vison x Jessie Jane: diversity at its finest

by Shawna Montout

Y-vision and Jessie Jane collaborated during Paris Fashion Week for their SS19 collection and diversity was at the appointment. Asian, black, white models men and women, hijabis. 

It was amazing! A lot of high-saturated colors: green, orange, yellow… For the collection “Dream Travelers”, the designer Ye Weicheng was inspired by African travelers. winding ropes and materials were making us this of a safari but in a different world, a fantasy world full of bright colors and extraordinary animals that were never seen anywhere else.

Another thing that was present at the show was diversity. Something that we don’t see often but that was definitely at the Y-vision X Jessie Jane’s show. And it was a pleasure to see it.

Hope that diversity will last

It feels so good to see everyone well represented during a show. Maybe that this will influence other designers when it comes to choosing models. It is just a start and if we start showing that this is possible, others will follow. We know that this is not a world full of teddy bears but we need to stay positive and work together. Nothing but the best can come out of it.

The fashion industry needs to be representative of the real world. In Paris when you get in the metro, you see everything: Asians, Blacks, White, hijabis, men, woman, transpeople and so on. With a show like Y-vision x Jessie Jane’s one, it feels like the fashion world is coming out of its bubble and gets connected to the real world. Thanks to that more people can relate.



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