Why we are loving Cushnie now more than ever Spring 2019

Cushnie Spring Summer 2019

First things first, congratulations to Carly Cushnie on soaring solo so gracefully and brilliant. For designers who launch with a partner, it’s not so easy to part ways and still be respected, let alone taken seriously; but this season at Cushnie, we saw both.

Revisiting her Jamaican roots and incorporating a twist of personal values, Carly introduced vibrant tones and diverse models while remaining true to the Cushnie aesthetic. Tastefully so, Sade was the inspiration behind the minimal beauty look and for accessories, big hoops and bright turbans were seen on the runway.

Aside from setting herself apart from Michelle, which the two have confirmed they are still friends, Carly is now adding Bridal to her fashion CV. High slits, strong silhouettes and lace are seen in her new collection. Not to mention, the best part is these looks can cater to both a simple wedding and to a less traditional wedding ceremony. Check out our top three favourite Bridal looks:


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