When the Snow Melts Away: 7 Fashion Tips for Welcoming the Spring

When the Snow Melts Away: 7 Fashion Tips for Welcoming the Spring

by Charlotte Smith

No matter how stylish your winter wardrobe may be, you probably choose most of it for practical reasons. Cold weather means long sleeves, covered legs, and jackets that protect you from icy temperatures and dampness. But spring changes all that. When temperatures warm up, you have the freedom to wear many more styles.  

Spring is also the ideal time to build a fashionable wardrobe that reflects the season’s bright colours. You don’t have to be an expert or spend a fortune to create your own trendy warm weather look. Style experts offer dozens of guidelines, but you can get a head start on your wardrobe using just 7 professional tips.

1.  Make Sure You Have Wardrobe Staples

Start building your spring wardrobe by looking at what you already have. There’s a good chance you own many wardrobe staples and you can build around them. For instance, a summer look requires sundresses, sleeveless tops, maxi skirts, and Bermuda shorts. You will want to include mix and match separates as well as cardigans. If you don’t own some of the basics, you can pick up affordable versions at an online boutique. Internet stores also give you a good idea of what is trending each season.

2.  Get Inspiration from High Fashion Pros

High fashion magazines are a great source of ideas. Designers create entirely new looks for each new season and you can take your cues from them. For example, Vogue magazine publishes photos of spring fashion shows in their magazine. Even if the styles are impractical for your lifestyle, runway shows give you an idea of what is fashionable. You can use their ideas to create your own in-style look.

3.  Stick with Light and Bright

Your spring wardrobe should reflect the lightness of the season. Cooler, brighter clothes are not only more flattering, but they also affect your mood.  Almost everyone perks up once winter’s dark atmosphere gives way to green trees and pastel flowers. When your spring wardrobe includes bright seasonal colors, you feel better. In fact, a piece in Success magazine reveals that the colors you choose impact your attitude and the feelings of people around you.  It is best to opt for light clothing that creates a gentle, breezy effect. If you cannot live without black or navy blue, make sure to include a bright pop of color that adds balance and cheerful touch.

4.  Have Fun with Spring Prints

Spring is the time for floral prints and you will want some in your wardrobe and that doesn’t mean you can’t customize your print ensembles. Create a custom look by wearing a contrasting print. Just be sure to combine prints of different sizes and keep both pieces in the same color family.

When the Snow Melts Away: 7 Fashion Tips for Welcoming the Spring

5.  Let Layering Work for You

The cool weather of early spring is the ideal time to create a layered look. A cardigan looks perfect with a sundress and can take you from daytime to evening. You can wear a blazer over a sleeveless blouse when you need an office-to-leisure look.

6.  Choose Several Versatile Pieces

Adding to or building a spring wardrobe is simpler and more affordable if you buy pieces that can multi-task. You might choose a light chambray shirt that is ideal for any season and can be paired with a tank top or worn over a sundress.  A t-shirt dress looks great over leggings or by itself. These kinds of pieces can help you expand your wardrobe and be ready for any occasion.

7.  Enhance Your Look with Accessories

Simple, affordable accessories will add charm and interest to your spring clothes.  You might wear a bright scarf with a spring print or add jewelry in seasonal colors. Shoes and handbags can also add pops of color.

When spring is in the air, it is time to build a bright, trendy wardrobe that matches the season. You can begin with wardrobe basics and then add light, versatile pieces that can be layered. Just add interesting accessories to complete your look.

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