I am about to talk about my current favorite products. This article is actually my skin care routine since a few weeks now, especially for the winter cold.

Here in Paris, we went through a cold wave. The weather was extremely cold, and I was freezing. After a week or so, I noticed that my skin was paying the price of it, especially my face.

As you heard me saying it numerous times, I have dry skin. And the weather, it got even drier, especially around my mouth. It was like a crocodile skin.


I decided to look for a product that would really help me, I knew the brand Clinique, and I knew their good reputation. I already talked about this product in previous articles, and my opinion hasn’t changed. The Extended  Thirst  Relief  is , like the name says, a relief. It didn’t do wonders at the beginning but after a week or so of serious application, I saw a difference. My skin wasn’t dry, it was actually a surprise considering the dryness I started with.

The eyes are the reflection of the soul, that’s what they say. I have been struggling with dark circles my entire life, but I never really took care of it. As I told you in this article about my favorite eye creams, I have been religiously using those products. Recently I switched the Panda Eye Cream with the Sublimist by L’Oréal and I love it. It moisturizes and helps reduce the vivid color of my dark circles.

The face is important yes, but let’s not forget about the lips. You need a good lip balm to help moisturize and fight the cold weather. For that, my product is obvious. I have been using the Sunright  lip balm by Nu Skin for 8 months, and I love it. Plus, it has SPF 15 which is a big plus. Protect your skin but don’t forget your lips.


My body wasn’t as in need as my face and lips, but I needed to care of it. I chose this body lotion by Yves Rocher. There are a lot of scents you can choose from, I already tried the mango one, but I am currently using the coconut scent.

I don’t have currently a hand cream, I ran out of it. So, to moisturize my hands, I am mostly using the coconut body lotion I talked about. But before I ran out of it, I was using this one by Yves Rocher. I love fruity scents and I chose this particular one, blackberries, and I love it.

This article is long, but I really wanted to talk about those products. I truly love them all and I have been religiously using them morning and night, and it really helps with my dry skin.

How about you ? Is there any product you love ? Please share with us.

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