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We have recently discovered a very exciting bedding brand – BSensible. They’ve been making award-winning, unique, natural bedding for all the family for many years.  We decided to give it a go and guess what…we slept like babies!

Let’s admit it, we all love sleep. It’s a vital part of our wellbeing at all stages of our development, from infancy to adulthood. But sleep can also be something that we all too often take for granted and don’t consider as much as we should.  BSensible wants to change that!

From considering the care of your mattress all the way through to your personal wellbeing, they change the way you think about sleep. That’s why they created a fantastic new website to help.

Complete with all our products, plus the tips and know-how that you need to take care of your mattress, keep your pillows in check and get your recommended eight hours a night shut eye, our website is your go-to guide for all things slumber.


Here’s why you should have BSensible in your home

  1. It is the only bedding available in the UK with TENCEL and cosmetic grade zinc oxide.
  2. TENCEL is also a lot smoother and softer on the skin than cotton and is a 100% natural fibre as it is made from eucalyptus and beech tree pulp.
  3. TENCEL absorbs 50% faster than cotton and dries 14 times faster.
  4. Each BSensible creation is waterproof, so each product prevents sweat and dust-mites penetrating in to the pillow and mattress and helps to reduce odour.
  5. The range is thermo-regulating; to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  6. No matter how many times you wash, the fibres of our unique combination will remain unchanged so long as you follow our simple care guide.

About BSensible

BSensible is one of Europe’s leading retailers in bedding.  Its mission is to ensure that families have a better night’s sleep.  BSensible produce unique, extremely soft and smooth, 100% natural surface, light, breathable and waterproof bedding.  It includes fitted sheets and pillow cases for adults, children and babies.

About the author

GOSIA KRAJEWSKI Fashion, Mommy blogger & Beauty Features Editor at Style Cartel. Former Senior Account Executive at JWPR (Capsule Comms) Worked for Marie Claire & Instyle