Charlotte in the Sahara Desert

Charlotte in the Sahara Desert

I was excite today to stumble upon this great offer for bloggers by the site  As of late I have been missing home a lot.  If you did not know I am a Native New Yorker who has not lived in New York, since Pre- September 11th.  I was inspired by Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist to live life like a hippy, give up everything and follow my dreams, so in the summer of 2001, I left  Sexy  New York City and never looked back. I took The Alchemist route to through Portugal and Spain into Morrocco planting roots in North Africa for two years.  Where I traveled through out the country, Tunisia and Sengal.  It was an amazing jounrey all the way.  Eventually deciding not to return to the states, but settling my feet in Paris for four years, now back to the grind that is London for the past year and half.

Charlotte & Lassana learning how to trade like Moroccans

Charlotte & Lassana learning how to trade like Moroccans

Virgin please take me away! This offer is to good to be true, so I had to share.  I need more Virgin miles.


Virgin Atlantic’s innovative social travel website launched its own blog, with a fantastic competition to find a blogger to take on a forthcoming Virgin Atlantic hosted press trip to New York. The winner of the competition will win the opportunity to join a blogging trip to the Big Apple. The winner will be selected from a shortlist of well- established bloggers who will be nominated on Twitter and the blogger with the most support will be announced as the winner.

The vtravelled blog will provide even the most seasoned globetrotters with new and interesting travel content which will include:

· Posts that offer a ‘peek under the bonnet’ perspective on new and future developments of

· Interviews with Virgin Atlantic pilots, cabin crew, country managers, and other interesting airline personnel

· Profiles of frequent flyers and community members in our “Meet a vtraveller” slot

· Reviews of hotels and other attractions

· Further inspiration for the ultimate in travel experiences, with a particular focus on beautiful photography

For more details check out

If you vote for me, I’ll Vote for you!  Good luck Blog Nation.

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Charlotte is an urban New Yorker who has lived in London, Paris & Morocco. She has an MBA in Management and Economics of Luxury Brands and Fashion and her BFA from the New School. She calls herself the dyslexic writer living between London & Paris. Digital Fashion & Lifestyle Architect ?:ChaChaNyc007