If you haven’t bought the special November edition of “L’Uomo Vogue” yet go check it out now. StyleCartel covers NYC, London, Milan, & Paris fashion weeks, “L’Uomo will feature a major retrospective of photographs encompassing the five years of editor Franca Sozzani, she is one of the most nicest editors we see on the road. Franca in the last five years has featured Michael Jackson to Nelson Mandela, from Rupert Murdoch to Al Gore, from Jimmy Wales to Don King, from Matthew Barney to Cindy Sherman, from Sean Penn to Keith Richards, from Tokyo Hotel to Beyoncé Knowles, from Julian Schnabel to Eto’o, from Quentin Tarantino to Umberto Veronesi: all these exceptional, iconic characters and more have been featured on the cover of the magazine during the last five years of her rein as editor of Vogue Italia and let’s not forget she is a renegade by being the first to create a Vogue Black issue and now there is a current online version that features black fashion beauties. 

“The idea behind this feature is to highlight the unique nature of a monthly that, far from focusing exclusively on fashion and trends, concentrates on style, one of the publication’s strengths, together with its commitment to tackling issues and questions of international importance linked to the cultural and entertainment interests – art, design, cinema, music, social matters – of the contemporary reader. Throughout these five years L’Uomo have published stories told by authoritative journalists and critics, as well as famous writers”, explains editor Franca Sozzani.

This November’s L’Uomo Vogue published with five different covers (dedicated to Michael Jackson, Sean Penn, Keith Richards, Tokyo Hotel and Beyoncé Knowles), thus becoming a collector’s issue, “The cover book”, featuring all 87 cover shots taken by 23 different photographers, as well as four short essays on literature, art, cinema and style, written by Erri de Luca, Francesco Bonami, Gianni Canova and Cesare Cunaccia respectively.  Tokyo Hotel actually look really good all grown up and more avant guard.

These photos will also be on display in an exclusive exhibition set to be held at Palazzo Sotheby‘s (via Broggi, 19) in Milan, Sunday 27 and Monday 28 November. Yesterday, it open from 3.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m., the exhibition venue hosted a new edition of the Vogue Experience, five hundred readers can register at for a preview visit to the exhibition, where they will have the chance to meet and chat with Franca Sozzani and all the editorial staff. On this occasion, all visitors will be presented with a copy of the magazine, which they may have signed by the editor. 

Today at Palazzo Sotheby’s will be hosting an exclusive cocktail party, attended by leading names from the world of fashion and design; presented on this occasion will be the cover photos that on 19 January 2012 will be auctioned during a prestigious event to be held in Sotheby’s in Paris, the proceeds of which will go to Fashion 4 Development, an operative partner of the United Nations – for which Franca Sozzani is a Goodwill Ambassador – that uses fashion as a means to achieving the major objective of implementing strategies for the independence and self-affirmation of women, as well as for sustainable development.  Exactly what StyelCartel likes fashion with a cause and heart.

These events sponsored by Citroen and BNL (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro). 

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Charlotte is an urban New Yorker who has lived in London, Paris & Morocco. She has an MBA in Management and Economics of Luxury Brands and Fashion and her BFA from the New School. She calls herself the dyslexic writer living between London & Paris. Digital Fashion & Lifestyle Architect ?:ChaChaNyc007