Wed in Vintage Style: Chuan Pisamai, Bangkok

by Mee Jong

A vintage bridal experience you shouldn’t miss in Bangkok

Bangkok, June 2018, walking down the memory lane…

Wow, I almost start this article with a novel-like introduction. However, I’m still far away from writing a piece like that and it’s not like I have any bridal memories to come up with a phrase to complete that sentence. However, I sure do love bridal items so here’s the story of my little bridal adventure!

Luckily because of my work, I found this cute little home in the hip area in Bangkok featuring a British-plus-fairyland-cafe and a reincarnation of vintage bridal heaven: Chuanpisamai.


Wannakron Sangwieng (Pueng), the owner, talked to me about her journey from a small shop in JJ market to a 2-storey-house. She started her business with bridal accessories like veils and hairpieces. Later her swimming suits were  recognised by a Japanese singer which led her way to a bigger Japanese market. At the same time, her brand was being favoured by local ladies who fancy lace and all things princessy. After running her business for years and getting requests for dresses to go with her handmade accessories, she decided to search for some vintage stocks. After 2 years of searching, bidding, buying, and collecting, now she can fill her three rooms with iconic styles from each era, mostly for rental. Her collections also include some recent works from famous local brands such as Poem, which is known for its Dior-inspired silhouette.

Chuan Pisamai studioChuan Pisamai embroidered dressChuan PisamaiChuan Pisamai studioChuan Pisamai CafeChuan Pisamai accessoriesChuan Pisamai CafeChuan Pisamai 2nd floorChuan PisamaiChuan Pisamai embroidered dressChuan Pisamai Vintage dressChuan Pisamai Vintage dress


The first floor is the where you will see most of the icon styles from each fashionable eras: from the big puffy sleeves like Princess Diana’s wedding gown to a bohemian-inspired gown from the present time.

The second floor is for the special requests such as gentlemen ensembles, Gatsby wardrobes, or imported hairpieces from the Western world. It was so much fun walking around and picking out my favourites from each rack.

Mee at Chuanpisamai


If you are looking for a bridal experience different from traditional couture bridal studio, be sure to check this place out. Click here for my accurately google map search result ==> Chuanpisamai, Aree Sampan 7. (Using google map in Bangkok is kinda tricky. Our urban design is beyond Google GPS intelligence. LOL)

Mee at ChuanpisamaiMee at Chuanpisamai

Contact, go stalk their channels here:

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Written by Contributing Fashion Writer/Illustrator – Mee Jong

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