SSENSE Exclusive Drop : Vetements x Reebok Black Pump Supreme

Vetements x Reebok Black Pump Supreme

To mark the launch of the Vetements x Reebok Edition Black Pump Supreme Sneakers.  The latest from the brand not brand dropped the new  sneakers exclusively at SSENSE.  Gary Warnett charts the ancestry of one of Reebok’s most striking silhouettes.  

The old Reebok pumps are back in black with the exclusive Vetements x Reebok Black Pump Supreme.

SSENSE Exclusive Drop : Vetements x Reebok Black Pump Supreme

Given the head-to-toe cohesion of Vetements‘ output, a foray into sports footwear was inevitable. The athletic shoe of choice for a tribe typically kitted out in aggressive silhouettes and brutal sloganeering is an appropriate pick. Reebok‘s presence in both fashion and some significantly less glamorous terrain has long afforded it a depth that rivals lacked.  

In a dismantled Eastern Bloc, it played a significant role. Russia is trending for many reasons these day, but fashion might not be on the time of the new journal. While the collective’s head and public face Demna Gvasalia and his brother Guram (Vetements’ CEO) were Georgia-born.  

Demna’s conversations with publications like Fantastic Man indicate that an upbringing in such uncompromising surroundings and economic conditions proved integral in defining his label’s worldview.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and Georgia’s subsequent independence, the Gvasalias ultimately settled in Russia. Even during the USSR era, what was on sale in Moscow rarely reached Georgia. Western sportswear took on a covetable dimension in the black market, representing a whole new world.



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