The Vaishaly Clinic London| Helps Me Cope with my PTSD and Migraines

The Vaishaly Clinic London 

My last session was at The Vaishaly Clinic in  London. It has been four months since my brutal mugging in Paris. Some days are good and some not so good. Part of my personal healing process is taking care of myself mind body and soul. So spa dates and massages have become a weekly routine. 

I booked an appointment for a Reflexology Treatment at the Clinic. I have been suffering from migraines a lot and needed to massage them out of my system.   The Vaishaly Clinic had the remedy for me all I had to do was close my eyes, relax and put my feet up.

Reflexology has been used for centuries to promote healing and wellness. It is much more than a massage, with its closest healing modality kin considered to be acupuncture as both rely on the concept of “qi” or “chi” referring to the theoretical life force that flows through all living things.   Reflexology applies pressure to a range of particular points on the feet that correspond with all the organs tissues and muscles in your body. My therapist suggests we concentrate on my toes because that is what controls the sinuses.


The Vaishaly Clinic London 


“I believe there’s a direct correlation between our state of mind, our thoughts and the stresses we hold in our body, with the health and condition of our skin. By treating the

whole body – both internally and externally – we can release tension, anxiety and stress that directly impacts the physical appearance of our skin. This is why I feel it’s important

to offer deeply powerful treatments at the clinic like Reflexology.” Vaishaly

Reflexology Helps Me Cope

Reflexology – a mixture of healing art and science dates back over 5,000 years to ancient Egypt and China. It is based on the premise that an energy channel encompassing 12 vital

organs exists from our feet to the tops of our heads. By applying pressure with hands, a reflexology therapist can help unblock that channel to restore health, organ function and Wellbeing.

The Vaishaly Clinic London| Helps Me Cope with my PTSD and Migraines

The Treatment

The treatment begins with hot comforting towels wrapped around the feet, creating an instant feeling of warmth and surrender. With legs raised over soft pillows, the therapist begins by gently massaging the legs from the knees down towards the feet. The therapist then expertly works on reflex points on each foot that relate to specific organs and glands in the body.

The left foot corresponds to the left side of the body and the right foot to the right side of the body. There are thousands of pressure points and nerve endings in the feet, which when targeted, can restore unbalanced energy levels as well as combating a wide range of health and skin ailments.

Stimulating those points with a variety of techniques including finger pressure, kneading, rotation and rubbing.  The Reflexology therapist offers a deeply relaxing treatment with benefits that can be felt throughout the entire body. Stress, tension and congestion is eased away and gradually released from problem areas in the body, delivering exceptional results after just one treatment.

Our feet undergo so much stress throughout the day. No body part is more abused than your feet. Reflexologists believe that overall health begins in your feet and travels up. The

benefits of reflexology can include:

  • Increase in energy
  • Relieve stress, pain, and anxiety
  • Improve blood and lymph circulation
  • Stimulate activity of internal organs
  • Successfully treat IBS, chronic headaches, and skin allergies
  • Relieve pressure on legs and feet in pregnant women
  • Relieve pain from MS and chemotherapy


At the end of my session, my therapist had to gently wake me up. She told me to take a long as I wanted to prepare myself for the outside world.  I asked her if it was normal that I felt like I had floated during the session. She insured me that this was normal and other patients had similar experiences and some had more outer body experiences. “Some even had emotional reactions like crying because they had released so much in a session.”


These dates I have with well-being clinics like the Vaishaly Clinic remind me why I take care of my mind body and soul. It is a treat to escape from this hectics lives we lead and pamper our feet.  I have not had a migraine since my session. If I do get one I know what to do now, just drink water and rub the upper parts of my toes.   Thank you Vaishaly for teaching me these simple elements of taking care of yourself.


Reflexology Treatment – £60 for 55minutes

Available at the Vaishaly Clinic, 51 Paddington Street, Marylebone,

London W1U 4HR / Tel: 0207 224 6088

About the author

Charlotte is an urban New Yorker who has lived in London, Paris & Morocco. She has an MBA in Management and Economics of Luxury Brands and Fashion and her BFA from the New School. She calls herself the dyslexic writer living between London & Paris. Digital Fashion & Lifestyle Architect ?:ChaChaNyc007