Urban Decay launches Naked Heat Palette | Review & Makeup Looks

Urban Decay has made the launch of this summer. If you haven’t heard about the Naked Heat palette release those past couple of weeks, then you are probably living under a rock, or on vacation.

Everybody was waiting for this. This palette was an event, the anticipation  by makeup lovers and beauty editors like me was real.

What is new about this palette ?

Unlike the other Naked palette, Heat is a palette that only contains warm colors. The others Naked Palettes were cold tones, so of course this release was a major success.

Is it worth it ?

If you are a makeup lover, then you probably have the colors in this palette somewhere in your collection. But of course, it is worth it. As a beauty editor , I can’t really say otherwise. The eye shadows are really pigmented and intense, one swipe goes a long way.

Is there any downside ?

The price is high, around 50 $ depending on where you live. but Urban Decay is a high-end brand, so it was expected. My only downside with this palette, is that we can’t really create a lot of different looks with it. The colors are all pretty much in the same color palette, which makes it hard to diversify the makeup looks.

Here are some looks that were created by many beauty influencers. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite !

From Head to Toe
Kaushal Beauty
Melissa Alatorre
Dulce Candy

Urban Decay has officially launched this palette on June 30th, 2017. You can purchase it at Sephora or in

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