UNOde50 My Rings and Things Pieces

UNOde50 The Rings and Bangles I’m Wearing Everday

by Charlotte Smith

UNOde50 My Rings and Bangles

There are a few things I cannot leave the house without and that is perfume on my neck and jewellery on my fingers and arms. The new pieces to my jewellery collection are from UNOde50 from their Autumn/Winter 2018 with Collection.  I wear jewellery to bounce off negative energy and these bangles and rings are my magic energy savers.

UNOde50 My Rings and Things Pieces

UNOde50 Rings and Things

I chose pieces from  UNOde50 that fit my style and who I am as a person. I started to look at pieces from their #TWIST by UNOde50 collection.  The twist is pure vintage sass! Finally, you feel like yourself and you can express everything inside of you with jewellery.  What caught my eye off the bat was the ZEN bracelet. The style reminded me of the bangles that the men in my family wear.  My grandmother always gifts the guys this style of the bangle. They wear it like armour and the Smith Clan Badge. I had to have it.

UNOde50 My Rings and Things Pieces

The rigid silver plated bracelet, topped with two balls and with the inscription of the brand.  A jewel made in Spain and 100% handmade. The brand offers the possibility of buying two identical bracelets at a special price, including packaging. After my boyfriend saw it he tried to steal it from.  Thankfully he won’t have to, I have placed an order for a matching one.

UNOde50 My Rings and Things Pieces

I also have a weakness for big chunky rings, so I choose the MOMBASA Ring.  Not only for the name but for the big purple amethyst colour stone.  I needed a piece of bijouterie that calms this hot-blooded Aries down just by looking at it.  The ring is enormous on my finger but I love it.

A silver plated ring with an oval SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystal in XL size and amethyst colour. A sophisticated creation, with a great personality and a unique design handcrafted by UNOde50 in Spain.

In the late nineties, José Azulay acquired UNOde50 to create unique and different jewellery with original designs and few units of each one. Something select, unique and with personality. This is one of the reasons I fell in love with the brand. I do not want every girl with my select pieces and know I know only a few warriors have the same pieces as me.

What do you think of the brand?  Do you want to be part of the UNOde50 clan?




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