Accessory Saturday|  UNOde50’s AW17 COLLECTION

Style Editor here with a some new jewelry lust from UNOde50.  You might think all that glitters is gold, but not everything. Just take a look at what’s coming from The Fall/Winter 2017 Heritage Collection on our radar.


The Fall/Winter 2017 Heritage Collection harkens back to the roots of UNOde50 with nature inspired pieces that pay homage to the history and core aesthetic of the brand. The collection spoke to me on so many different levels.  


It incorporates culture, textiles and lifestyle choices displayed through jewellery. The collection brings four key design perspectives to life: Grains, Seal, Pencil, and Masai. All perspectives represent the origin of which everything begins and are characterized by the unique fusion of color, materials, and intricate details.


The GRAINS line symbolizes the natural essence of bountiful landscapes bursting of life.


Wheat is where it all begins and the evolution of this material is showcased in each design through a passage of time from seed to stalk.


The SEAL line is a hallmark to honor the pivotal role that history and craftsmanship play in the origin of the UNOde50 collection. Through artistry and authenticity, this sub-collection features jewelry that combines signature shapes stamped in silver with handcrafted crystals and leather.

The PENCIL line embodies the origin of creation and storytelling. It represents a sketch or scrawl of ideas, inspirations, or thoughts unedited that only materialize through oneself. Our men’s offering for FW17 tells the story of the raw and authentic design.


Tradition,vitality and strength unite to unveil the MASAI line, inspired by one of the most colorful and unique tribes in Africa. The MASAI sub-collection infuses earth-toned hues with bursts of color and adorned with decorative amethyst and grey Swarovski crystals.

UNOde50 was created at the end of the 90’s by a team of designers’ intent on creating a jewellery style that would break away from everything that came before it.  UNOde50 started out with the idea of creating 50 units of each design, hence its name. Over  time, its resounding success led the Brand to increase production although it kept its name as a reminder that right from day one quality and exclusiveness have been prioritizes in each piece. Moreover, the company has never ceased to keep its promise of exclusiveness, presenting Limited Editions of just 50 units in each collection.

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