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LVMH prize this year again, presented very vibrant and dynamic landscape of fashion. Romance collided with street culture. Eerie met with craftsmanship. 21 semi final designer brands displayed in Paris. The winner of LVMH prize is coming to unveil. Just before the eve, we chose a brand which stroke our heart with its feminism and romanticism. Although Maggie Marilyn, based in New Zealand, didn’t make into finalist, the conversation we had with the designer still came to us vividly.

More than affordable luxury garments

The designer’s environmental friendly take on the impact and the method of fashion on the environment may come from her New Zealand background. Where nature is kept as its original beauty with great efforts. The aesthetics and lifestyle message conveyed by the brand is feminism in every way. Maggie Marilyn women appreciate nature and beauty as what it is.

Those Fine-made ruffles and frills deliver a boudoir dream. But together with easy-to-wear sweat pants, satin dresses and wide sleeves, more independent and daring silhouettes are built. Refreshingly, highland romance is decorated with sporty elements. In addition, the pieces always have a sense of ‘nature’, Raw silk dresses, unfinished trim lines, oversized jacket, and its color palette. There is something reminiscent about Maggie Marilyn.

It was amazing to find out Maggie has a big and loving heart towards environment and everyone involved in the brand. She keeps close relationship with her makers and ensures that the supply chain is transparent from fabric production to garment manufacturing. At such an early stage of the brand, Maggie Marilyn has put the ongoing problematic issue of fashion industry into its agenda.

Maggie Marilyn girls, in designer’s own words, are dreamers, quietly confident, strong but openly vulnerable. They are free. They can freely dream and move around. Mostly importantly, in a comfortable situation. Not just in elegant and easy-to-wear pieces like Maggie Marilyn brand. But more essentially, in a hopeful future. Where there are infinite possibilities for women. The designer wants to connect those girls who share the same value with well-made garments.

Feminism/girl power and environment are without doubt, hot topics nowadays thanks to loud-spoken messages from brands and celebrities. No need to mention the marches. Maggie Marilyn from the start of the brand, has put both of them into the core, which is truly amazing. Although New Zealand is not Paris, Milan or New York when it comes to fashion, it doesn’t dim the lights for Maggie Marilyn. It is a brand to watch.


Image credits: Maggie Marilyn press office

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