Tyra Bank’s to open theme park for everyday models

by Thisvi papanastasiou

Tyra Banks is making our dreams of walking down the catwalk come true. Some of us spent our whole youth wondering what our lives would be if we became supermodels. Those dreams can now become true with a little help from our beloved Tyra.

The creator and host of America’s Next Top Model are now officially opening the first theme park where everyone can become a model. ModelLand is all about bringing the world of models closer to the people as the theme park is going to include several interactive attractions, as well as, food corners, shopping and different events.

Tyra Banks said, “I am being very deliberate to make sure this is something families can come to. I’m not creating this to service people who want to become models or are models. I’m happy to see the world is much more celebrating of different types of beauty.”

ModelLand is expected to open within 2019 in Santa Monica, California.

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