Twilly – Hermès girl that says no to conformity

FRAGRANCE FRIDAY – Twilly by Hermès

Twilly fragrance by Hermès is like a silk floating scarf for the girl that doesn’t believe in conformity…

In the digital age, where the number of followers on social media determines your identity, Hermès launches their new extraordinary fragrance, Twilly. This is the fragrance for girls who don’t agree with traditional standards.  Twilly is like a silk scarf, that changes shape and form, whenever fresh wind blows. Hermes girl dares to be different and  likes to keep her individuality. She doesn’t follow Instagram trends, but sets her own paths.

It is with young women in mind, by observing their lives, smiling at the fun they have with their silk scarves, that Christine Nagel, Hermès’ perfumer-designer, has created Twilly d’Hermès. Conceived in a spirit of absolute freedom, this fragrance in its joyous, impish bottle, plays with today’s feminine in the making. It reveals and forges a bond between these women and Hermès, nurtures a new affinity. This affinity echoes the joyful impertinence they share with Hermès, their unfailing cheerfulness and their multi-faceted nature, their infinite whims, their uniqueness, and everything that fires their minds – starting with freedom.

Twilly d’Hermès is all of this, all of these desires and intuitions, applied to a twist. A twist of three materials: ginger, tuberose and sandalwood. Freshness, mystery and wood. Spice, sunlight and tenderness. Three classic materials which, combined differently, become burning heat, disconcerting attraction, a revelation of the carnal. Implicit sensuality. Ethereal eroticism. Unwavering gentleness. Eternal lightness, too, as if held by a silken thread. This same thread, expertly knotted like a scarf around the Twilly d’Hermès bottle, a ribbon-tie of silk and colour, a final flash of wit encircling the cap.
Twilly is the tie which, in the depths of a pocket, on a wrist, between the fingers, or in the hollow of a hand, becomes a compelling talisman, the twirling symbol of a brand new fragrance, of its touch of folly and creativity that permeates the skin, the body, the mind…

A joyful transposition, a playful twist, everything upside down and back to front, Twilly d’Hermès dances to the vibrant and passionate beat of youth.

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Ginger, which generally is used in a small quantity, is used in abundance in Twilly, according to Nagel. “It’s really an enormous quantity,” she added, referring to the spice’s fresh extraction as fibrous, burning and pungent.

Tuberose for me perfectly represents the hidden face, a bit unsettling, of these young women,” she continued, describing them as almost childlike, with round cheeks, while being womanly at the same time.

Nagel said sandalwood is generally olfactively milky and tender, but that for Twilly, the idea was to play up its more animal quality.

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