Trussardi Project Sky Watcher Exclusive Videos

The Luxury market wants to bring all the news to its special clients Le Buzz today is the Trussardi Project, Sky Watcher Exclusive Video. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Greyhound logo for Trussardi.  The Trussardi  house invites us into the world of Trussardi in a  short 2 minutes fashion film entitled  Sky Watcher, directed by James Lima in collaboration with Gaia Trussardi who helped design the storyboard (James Lima has worked with Steven Spielberg and James Cameron’s Avatar for various productions.)

Trussardi Project Sky Watcher Exclusive Videos are short fashion film a cartoon drawn by Yuko Shimizu, a Japanese illustrator renowned New York-based. The English musician Steve Mackey was chosen for the soundtrack of the film. This project will be unveiled at the same time in Tokyo and Milan today December 4th during a cocktail party.

The story takes place in Milan. The first scene opens on the Piazza della Scala Trussardi shop. A saleswoman arranges the display and closes the store. During the night, the statue of greyhound anime, a rabbit caught his attention and they begin a race among the symbolic places of the city of Milan and expensive to Trussardi, reinterpreted by Japanese illustrator. At dawn, the greyhound back pressed to the store before the clerk comes back to the opening. Resuming his place, he dropped a bag. Surprised selling the range.




The film ends on the lever smiling amused.  The video celebrates not only the 40th anniversary of the lever but also highlights the Trussardi Rider Bag presented during Milan fashion week Spring/Summer 2014.

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