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RIAD FARNATCHIOn our MARRAKESH adventure touring the Riads of the old city, I totally loved getting lost trying to find the Riad Farnatchi . This hotspot is our TRAVEL TUESDAY: PART II RAID’S OF MARRAKESH Hotspot of the day. Imagine being surround by the old medieval city and spotting the street art of Graffiti artist C215. When you finally get to your destination you find yourself in one of the most beautiful reconstructed Raid’s in Marrakesh. The Father and Son team behind the restoration left nothing out. They took care of every little detail of the 8 room Riad. Once you visit this mini palace you will see that money is know object and detail is everything.

With the holiday season in full swing, what would you say if you could rent the entire Riad for your private New Year’s Party? This is all possible at the Riad Farnatchi, named after the street that it is located on. If you get lost just ask one of the locals to escort you back to the Riad. Over diner one night we thought of ideas to throw wild parties here for our friends, and thought of who’s next to get married and how cool it would be to have the wedding here.

054Marrakech, Riad Farnatchi You can rent this entire Riad for you and your friends and let the fabulous staff take care of every little detail for your special occasion. From the catering to  the theme to be for the event, whatever you wish. Just picture this, each room themed to what ever you fancy and the DJ spinning your choice of music poolside. Enjoy an intimate atmosphere just for you and your invited guest in your own private Riad. No one has to know what happens behind the big closed Bab (door in Arabic).  You might never want to leave your room because its so equipped with everything you need, even the bathroom amenities are top notch with a enormous tub to soak in with complementary toiletries by Molton Brown London. 

RIAD FARNATCHIEvery component of Riad Farnatchi has its clientele in mind, making it one of Marrakech’s luxury Riad’s best kept secrets. The Riad Farnatchi stays true to everything Moroccan with a few nouveautés that a luxury traveler wants and asks for. From the light fixtures, to the polished-marble hammam, handmade beds, wooden doors to my favorite elements of the open air gardens in the rooms, and the ceramic carvings on the walls. With a complementary Fez, Moroccan slippers and djellabas in your room for you to to really live like a Moroccan. Makes sure you meet up with the owner James for  personal tips on navigating around the city and how to bargin with the shop owners.

RIAD FARNATCHIThe Perks of staying at the Riad Farnatchi are the in house hotel restaurant where you can place your order for diner before you go explore the city and when you come back its ready and waiting for you. Choose from an assortment of Moroccan specialty’s. Just place your order for dinner on any given day by 3pm: and enjoy a home cooked meal locally sourced, just as if you were eating at your Moroccan cousins house. Just make sure you are hungry because Moroccans like to feed you a lot!

RIAD FARNATCHIWhile you wait for diner have a drink at the hotel bar or sit by the pool. Drinks can be brought to you wherever you like, round the clock. Don’t feel like leaving your cosy chamber there is also Room Service 24 hours for drinks and breakfast. Kitchen closed 11pm–7am.The comfort of this Riad and the pleasant staff made it hard for us to leave. Nestled in the old city this Riad invites you to get lost and stay close to home with everything at your finger tips, local artisans right next door, places to buy your Moroccan rug, and have a cup of Berber whisky as the locals call it, the non alcoholic traditional Moroccan mint tea. You will end up saying Shokran Beezaff (thanks a lot) like a local and falling in love with all the neighborhood cats. 

 Riad Farnatchi 

2 Derb el Farnatchi, Qa’at Benahid, Marrakech

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