Travel Guide: Ibiza in September

by Veronica Vaduva
As all the kids go back to school and fashion week is quickly approaching, we all need that last summer getaway.  For me, it was travelling to Ibiza, Spain.  The beautiful island is widely known as the party island, but is far more than that.  The scenery and nature on the entire island is absolutely magical.  You truly feel like you’re in the Caribean. So here is some must sees and dos and a few don’ts.


1- Cala Salada

I know, the name is very catchy. But this beautiful part of the island is an absolute must see.  It is located closer to the San Antonio rather than Ibiza city, but it is gorgeous.  You can go snorkeling and cliff jumping, which I did both of and saw lots of fish and jellyfish.  What’s refreshing is that there are no hotels lining the beach.  You can see that people work hard to maintain the nature so it’s a very relaxing place.

2- Wear sunscreen

This is obviously a given when you’re going to be outside in the sun for a long period of time, but most of the days I was there it was cloudy.  But I did get slightly burned so make sure no matter what the weather is, that you do bring some SPF Protection.

3-Rent an ATV

Renting an ATV was my highlight of the entire trip.  There are so many places where you can rent both ATVs, Buggies, scooters, cars, etc.  just lining the streets of Ibiza.  Due to all that competition prices are really low, and you can get around from beach to beach and go all around the island.  It’s a great way to explore and get more into the culture.


1- Buy tickets in advance from booths

I made this mistake my first night in Ibiza.  While I did do quite a bit of research online trying to chose a suitable club for a Saturday night, the best way to get into a good club is to just go on the street.  Ticket prices first of all are very high.  They don’t seem high, until you’re infront of the club and there’s a promoter out front offering you free entry with 2 free shots.  Going on the main strip is truly the best way to see where all the people are.  (Ibiza Rocks in photo)

2- Buy fake designer goods.

You will see so many people trying to sell you fake designer goods, but try your best to stay away because as a fashion lover this is just a NO. These people are also going to try to sell you a dozen different things and will not take no for an answer.  So to keep your vacation relaxing, just steer clear.

3- Don’t bring lots of clothes

Having too many clothes on is usually not my problem, but in Ibiza they go big or go home.  Most people just wear their bikinis 24/7.  I have never seen so many one piece bathing suits with a belt and heels on being worn out as an outfit to a party.  Of course this isn’t for everyone and I strictly kept my bathing suit for the beach, but just know there are no limits to what you wear. (Beautiful People Ibiza Boat Party shown below)

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