SensatioNail launch the world’s first revolutionary Polish to Gel system – with a current waiting list of thousands – If the hype and current waiting list is anything to go by; SensatioNail’s new revolutionary Polish to Gel will be flying off the shelves in literally hours when it launches. For women who crave gel nails but cannot afford the regular £25 salon price tag – or get frustrated by the performance of many well known nail polish brands, help is it at hand! Launching in Boots stores nationwide and, the new SensatioNail Polish to Gel converts ANY nail polish into a gel polish.


Using pioneering technology, this “must have” kit will transform favourite polishes to gel in minutes and is set to transform the way a whopping 75% of British women* – who prefer polishing their nails at home – lacquer their nails forever. SensatioNail’s Polish to Gel system was developed as an immediate response to a consumer’s need for a way in which they can continue using their beloved nail polish shades but with a gel finish, ensuring their beloved nail colour stays smudge-proof for up to 10 days. The SensatioNAIL Polish to Gel offers a flexible, dynamic, new approach to nails; opening up a wide spectrum of choice for the nail lover who has since transitioned to gel polished manicures meaning once “back-of-the-drawer” relegated nail polishes can now be turned into a true gel polish.

The new Polish to Gel is not a pretender. Its genius les in its Transformer Base which contains a polymer formula which, when cured by the LED lamp, draws out the moisture layer by layer for quick dry time and causes a polymerization process to occur which causes the layers to bond to one another and harden.  Normal polish and gel-like polishes are “solvent based” which dries by evaporation, hence the longer dry time and susceptibility to smudge and chip very easily. Pretty clever stuff!

Images courtesy of Sensationail

Written by Fashion & Beauty Features Editor – Gosia Krajewski

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