Toys That Encourage Creativity And Learning Through Play

by Gosia Krajewski
children's toys

Whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring there is nothing stopping your little one’s imagination from taking on their next adventure with educational toys from Hape and Strictly Bricks.

How many times did you struggle to find a way to spend time with time little ones and keep them engaged for hours? Matylda seems to get bored with everything after about 5-10 minutes. And I can see that she gets more and more creative so I was really keen for find toys that encourage creativity and let her have fun at the same time. Easy to say…much harder to do believe me! So when we came across super colourful alphabet and stacking blocks by Hape, we decided to give it a go. And guess what…we ended up playing for two hours non-stop. We would have played longer but my toddler got very very hungry! Yes creativity burns a lot of energy…and that’s what we want. Healthy and educational way to spend time with our kids and to build that bond which will benefit them in the future. 

So let me introduce you to some of our favourite ones from the huge range Hape and Strictly Bricks offers.

Hape Chunky Lowercase Puzzle


This brightly coloured Chunky Lowercase Puzzle from Hape provides little ones with the perfect introduction into the lowercase alphabet, to help children take their first steps towards reading. Because of its chunky design the puzzle pieces stand up independently so you can put together your own words and phrases. We had so much fun building our names…and destroying them was equally fun!

Strictly Bricks


 As a brand that values creativity and learning through building, Strictly Briks is the fun building blocks that are compatible with all leading brick brands. Strictly Briks large building bricks are also compatible with all leading brands. The opportunities for creativity are endless as your child can combine their sets together and build an infinite amount of creations.Strictly Briks offer a range of exciting games and brick packages to suit everyone, The popular Brik Tower is a great well to enhance a child’s STEM skills, by building as high as the can they can master the tower. Matylda and I definitely mastered it to perfection.

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