Top home fashion tips of 2018

by Charlotte Smith

Top home fashion tips 

When it comes to making your home look fabulous, the way that you dress and decorate it is key. This can be just as vital for exterior design elements as it is for your interior. Luckily, there are many fantastic fashion tips for your home that you can use in 2018. By taking inspiration from some of the current trends this year, you will soon have a home that is right on the cutting-edge of fashion.

What are the best home fashion tips for 2018?

The best interior design tips for 2018

If you need a helping hand when it comes to making your home look awesome, then the below tips should help. Even if you only put a few into action, you will be amazed at the huge difference they make.

  • Shutters – a really effective way to transform your home is with window shutters. This type of home accessory will not only help you let more light into your home when open but will also look amazing. They come in a wide range of designs and colours, so you can find the ideal window shutters to fit in with your existing home décor. Even better, they are great value for money, and so offer an easy and inexpensive way to quickly update your property.

Top home fashion tips of 2018

  • Brass accessories – though it may sound unusual, brass is one material that is becoming popular to use in the home. You can go for larger pieces with it in, such as coffee tables, or go for a more subtle vibe, such as a brass bowl on your kitchen table. It gives an unusual yet bespoke twist to your rooms and is a real talking point. If you want the best fashion for your home, then this is it.


  • Coastal living – a new look for homes that have popped up in 2018 is the coastal look. This takes inspiration from the sea and all things nautical. It is ideal for spaces such as the bathroom or bedrooms in your home. Think indigo and aquamarine blues with porthole-style windows and cute nautical-themed accessories.

Top home fashion tips of 2018

  • Geometric designs – another big home fashion trend for 2018 is geometric patterns. This may be in furnishings such as cushions or even in the wallpaper with which you decorate your rooms. This design trend has also been seen in room furniture such as cabinets, where raised geometric designs really add to the overall feel.
  • Bright colours – the last few years have seen Scandi neutral shades dominating the home fashion sector. However, 2018 has already seen brighter colours return to walls and rooms in a big way. Many people now are using 1980s-style wild splashes of vibrant hues to make their home stand out.

Update your home for 2018

If you are looking for ways to make your home more fashionable this year, then the above tips should help. They give an easy and new way to make your home look amazing and also impress any friends you have over. It does not need to be expensive either – just a splash of paint on a wall or a new tea-light holder with brass detail is often enough to make the difference.

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