Top Fragrances To Give HIM For Christmas

by Gosia Krajewski

FRAGRANCE FRIDAY – Top Fragrances To Give HIM For Christmas


A woody spicy scent captures the inimitable heritage of Rene Lacoste. Top notes of mandarin and sweet orange essence combined with unexpected fruit quince and rhubarb infuse the energy of confidence. Determination evident in the vibrant spices at the heart of black pepper, ginger, transparent jasmine and almond reveal the men’s strength and character. His timeless elegance is revealed in the woody masculine base featuring cedar wood with dry amber, musk, vanilla and Akigalawood.


Stimulating spicy ginger top notes are intensified by the addition of cardamom. At the heart, exquisite notes of exotic maninka fruit are amplified for maximum effect, while the new addition of vanilla at the base combines with the richness of leather to increase the scent’s magnetic strength.




This fragrance is distinguished by a true balance of essences, and the key to this fresh sensation is the intertwining of pure jasmine and succulent persimmon with bitter-sweet marine notes. Remaining a resolutely masculine fragrance, the base notes, reinforced by woody and subtle musky nuances and illuminated by harmonies of patchouli, cedar and rockrose, assert a strong indisputable manly presence.

Mr. Burberry

The fragrance captures the essence of London and its moments, fusing classic scents of British perfumery with unexpected ingredients. Fresh and crafted top notes of crisp zesty grapefruit, cut with a seductive base of earthy vetiver and smokey guaiac wood. A broad and robust heart centres Mr. Burberry, its classic fougère structure uniquely remastered into a thoroughly contemporary creation. An accord of birch leaf warms the core while cedar wood provides power and balance to the livelier top notes. Classic yet contemporary; sophisticated and sensual.


Ted baker christmas

Silver. Formulated for the traditional gentleman who appreciates the finer details in life, this classic fragrance is timeless and understated. With notes of fresh violet leaf, cool eucalyptus and smoky leather, this impeccably polished scent is the very last word in masculinity.

Thierry Mugler Hot Cologne

A spicy, citrusy creation, Hot Cologne shakes up preconceived notions by warming the cologne structure with racy notes. Hot Cologne is a ‘cologne’ by its traditional combination of ingredients, opening with aromatic, citrusy notes such as lemon and petitgrain followed by a rich neroli heart but then comes the disconcerting metamorphosis, quickened by a fiery cocktail of spices including ginger and cardamom and an overdose of green coffee, a crisp ‘surprise guest’ with a bite that turns hot.


The ultimate sophistication of a woody spicy oriental, with profound intensity, this Eau de Parfum blends the most extreme sophistication with the most sensual of signatures. It combines bergamot and its metallic accents with a trio of warm spices (saffron, nutmeg and cinnamon), sandalwood and a hint of vanilla for sensuality. When the freshness of the top notes has passed, a rich, round, woody fragrance envelops the skin with a captivating imprint that will never leave.

Azzaro Wanted

It is a solar, harmonious and desirable fragrance. A handsome, woody fragrance soaked in fresh spices. The first impression of lemonade ginger, a fleeing heart of cardamon, prickly juniper and a muscular ultra sensual base of Tonka bean and vetiver makes this fragrance and timeless scent. This scent is all about desire.

Aramis Eau De Toilette

Aramis spoke for him and the message was “He’s one of a kind”.  In the 80s Aramis was the very symbol of confidence and success. Today, Aramis remains a timeless classic representing individuality and sophistication – the wearer has a style of his own. Aramis is the fragrance that conquers the world with notes of Bergamot, Citrus, Patchouli, Sage, Sandalwood and Leather.

BVLGARI Man in Black Essence

This African-inspired fragrance evokes an original and magnetic masculine scent. The limited-edition bottle is designed by Nigerian artist Laolu Senbanjo, reinterpreting the monolithic silhouette of Yoruba tribal art. With top notes of Bitter Orange and Sweet Rum, combined with the heart of Black Cocoa Beans and Iris and base notes of ebony Wood and Tonka Beans, it is one of our favourite masculine fragrances.

Calvin Klein One Gold

It fuses the energy of both sexes in one unisex fragrance. a singularly captivating scent that promises a drop of gold for everyone. A limited edition eau de toilette, the scent is a juicy, fresh, woody smell that captures the golden allure of radiant youth. The juicy top note of fig creates instant fascination with its energetic freshness. The bright heart of neroli is the sparkling crown that shines like the last rays of the setting sun on a city. The sun-drenched base of vetiver gives depth, leaving a vibrant, sensual warmth on the skin.

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