TOM FORD F/W 2018 WOMENSWEAR| The Bam Bam Collection


For his women’s collection in New York Fashion week the designer, brought it! The rumor is that New York Fashion week is dead. Then thank gosh for TOM FORD and Cardi B.  These two are bringing the magic back to the city.  Bam, Bam, and Booyah.


The collection was the matching pieces to Mr. Ford’s menswear collection shown a few days earlier.  Call it his and her collections.   I spot a few pieces that Molly Bloom might wear next to up her game.

Did the designer just go Bangi girl on us? Meets Pebbles Flinstone!  Oh, yes he did. We have seen this look on the runway before, but never like this. The runway models in the cast prove it!  It hints at his Gucci days, sexy and sleek looks. 



For fall, Tom went high-glitz, high-glam and reckless.  We will rock you with some pussy Power. The catchy alliteration appeared in bold lettering on two handbags and a pair of shoes. We are warriors with rock and roll headbands to match.

One couldn’t miss the unsubtle messaging — political and sexual, with a dollop of knowing vulgarity. Because he knows we rule the world, but we still want to look sexy doing it.  Leggings as pants are making a come back for Fall.

TOM FORD | The Bam Bam Collection


His second show in two days, his women’s runway show utilized the same theater he first used for men’s wear collection. With sophisticated gray providing a calm counterpoint to his frenetically exuberant clothes.

Recently repatriated to Los Angeles, Ford is obsessed with Hollywood glam as we know. It has jolted him to brink his ideal you the catwalk twice.  The clothes sizzle with an intensity to match that of his Gucci Girl, back when. Twenty or so years later, in these more evolved times, the word “girl” is verboten in reference to anyone eligible to vote. Ford calls his new runway archetype his California Baby.


Oh, but she’s no babe in the West Coast woods. She’s allergic to subtlety, with confidence through the roof (long-standing hallmarks of Ford’s woman), a dose of eccentricity and a sense of humor. To that end, Ford co-opted the logo of that one-time bastion of Los Angeles rich-lady style: Giorgio Beverly Hills. He swapped out Giorgio’s name for his own and emblazoned it on a sweatshirt. A sweatshirt tricked out in sequins and crystals, but a sweatshirt just the same.


Photos: TOM FORD

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