TOM FORD Unveils Watches and Underwear at NYFW Menswear Show

by Charlotte Smith


Tom Ford has always been a designer who’s always on the pulse of what is happening on and offline. Yesterday Mr. Ford presented his first-ever Men’s Fall/Winter 2018 runway show at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City. It was the night that he would unveil the debuted of the new Timepiece and Underwear collections. Yes, Tom now rappers and music artist will all bite Jay-Z’s line “I rock Tom Ford”

TOM FORD Russell Wilson, Ciara Menswear Show

It was a packed house on February 6th, 2018 of course with OG’s and young guns in attendance. Over 700 guests attended including Halsey, Trevor Noah, Russell Wilson and Ciara, Sebastian Stan, Bill Skarsgärd, Pusha T, Lucas Hedges, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Matt Harvey, Brendan Fallis, 21 Savage, Yo Yang, Metro Boomin, Lee Daniels, Luka Sabbat, Cameron Dallas,  and Cordell Broadus.

TOM FORD Pusha T Menswear Show

Of course, they rocked TF.  It has been a spectacular week for Tom on and off the runway with celebs embracing the TFord Man.

TOM FORD Trevor Noah Menswear Show

Halsey wore a nude low scoop neck bodysuit, nude oversized belted boyfriend pant with rolled up hem and hot pink frayed pump with painted toe to the TOM FORD FW18 Menswear show. 


Trevor Noah wore a midnight blue patterned velvet Shelton cocktail jacket, ivory silk pocket square, classic piquet plastron evening shirt and blue patent York Chain loafer to the TOM FORD FW18 Menswear show. 

TOM FORD Yo Yang Menswear Show

Russell Wilson wore a black patterned velvet cocktail jacket with satin shawl lapel, black cocktail pants, white piquet plastron evening shirt, ivory silk pocket square, black satin cummerbund and black patent lace up shoes to the TOM FORD FW18 Menswear show at the Amory on February 6th 2018, in New York


Ciara wore a dark indigo raw denim peak lapel jacket, with matching bra with gunmetal detail and oversized belted boyfriend jeans with rolled up hem and dark indigo raw denim frayed pump with painted toe to. 

TOM FORD Luka Sabbat Menswear Show

Sebastian Stan wore a grey Shelton peak lapel suit, black and white houndstooth spread collar shirt, charcoal silk tie and black leather boots. 


Bill Skarsgard wore a black microdot jacquard peak lapel cocktail jacket with black classic cocktail pants, white pleated plastron evening shirt, black cummerbund, ivory silk pocket square and black York leather loafers.

Pusha T wore a teal jacquard shawl lapel cocktail jacket, fine knit black turtleneck and York black velvet chain loafers to the TOM FORD FW18 Menswear show. 

TOM FORD Lee Daniels Menswear Show

Lucas Hedges wore a dusty plum velvet Shelton notch lapel jacket, black fine knit turtleneck and grey high waisted Shelton trousers to the show. 


Patrick Schwarzenegger wore a dusty blue velvet Shelton shawl lapel cocktail jacket, blue charmeuse silk plisse plastron evening shirt, blue patterned pocket square and black patent loafer with grosgrain strap to the show. 


Matt Harvey wore a silver shantung twill shawl lapel cocktail jacket, piquet plastron evening shirt, grey and ivory polka dot pocket square, classic cocktail shirt and black leather lace-up shoes with toe cap.

Luka Sabbat wore a red multi-colored suede applique jacket and a classic white t-shirt to the. 


TOM FORD Halsey Menswear Show

21 Savage wore a black and white optic cocktail jacket with satin shawl lapel, classic piquet plastron evening shirt, cocktail pants, black onyx shirt studs and cufflinks, ivory silk pocket square, black silk bow tie and cummerbund with black patent lace up shoes. 

Lee Daniels wore a grey Prince of Wales peak lapel suit with tonal grey day shirt, charcoal silk tie, and black classic lace-up shoes.   

TOM FORD Cordell Broadus Menswear Show

Cordell Broadus wore a degrade printed pony hair jacket, brown long sleeve henley, black long sleeve henley, black straight fit denim jeans, leopard printed Leeds Chain. 


Metro Boomin wore a black houndstooth silk cocktail jacket with grosgrain peak lapel to the TOM FORD FW18. 

TOM FORD Metro Boomin, 21 Savage Menswear Show

Metro Boomin, 21 Savage

Brendan Fallis wore a royal blue O’Connor 2 piece peak lapel suit, light blue shirt, navy knit tie, white cotton pocket square and classic black lace-up shoes.


Mr. Ford definitely knows how to dress a man.  Most men today a least have one bottle of his cologne for men and sunglasses.  Now that has gotten in the game of underwear and timepieces its game on.   He is on his way to making history as another Luxury American fashion designer.  If you want ta sneak peak of what’s to come go to Tom’s Instagram page.

Photos: TOM FORD

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