Tips for Choosing an Iconic Beach Wedding Gown

by Charlotte Smith

Iconic Beach Wedding Gown

The second biggest influencer for your wedding dress after your personal style is the wedding venue. There should be a crystal-clear relationship between the wedding venue and the dress: modern or vintage, formal or relaxed, simple or over-the-counter. If your wish is to say your vows on one of the world’s beautiful beaches, then it’s important to consider the type of wedding dress to wear.

Below are some valuable tips for choosing an iconic wedding gown for your oceanfront wedding ceremony:

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  1.    Complement the Destination

Beach weddings are gorgeous, but certain types of beach wedding dresses can spoil the entire Oceanside wedding ceremony. There have been cases of brides suffering, struggling and sweating on their wedding day because of the wrong choices they made. A beach wedding varies from a casual, laid-back event on a public beach to a formal occasion in a private resort.

Whether yours is casual or formal, choosing a wedding gown that complements the surroundings is vital. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be underdressed at your own wedding. Visit reputable and have a look at a vast collection of gowns suitable for sunshine and sand setting.

Most reputable websites offer lightweight and comfortable beach wedding dresses and gowns that allow you to move effortlessly. These wedding dresses and gowns not only complement the theme of your wedding but also make you look like a stunning bride.  

  1.    Select the Right Fabric

A beach wedding has to be feminine and at the same time looking cool. You are recommended to choose a light and breathable fabric. You don’t want to spend your wedding itching to take off your stuffy and prickly wedding dress.

A light, breathable fabric allows you to move about freely and without a hassle. Good options may include cotton, chiffon, organza, and voile. In most cases, a wedding dress features different materials and layers.

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  1.    Add a Splash of Color

The informal setting of a beach gives you a perfect opportunity to be a tad playful with your wedding look. So, this could be an excellent opportunity to add a touch of vibrant colour to make a bold, colourful statement. Remember, however, that beach weddings don’t need to be white.

You can show off a bold floral print by wearing pastel blue or mint green. Or, you can get beautiful jewels entwined into your wedding fabric. It doesn’t have to be a rainbow of hues, though. Just have the right touch in there and don’t overdo it.

  1.    Keep the Appropriate Volume In Mind

A full-length dress is beautiful for a beach wedding. However, ensure that the cut looks okay for the occasion. A grand princess-style ball gown, for example, might not be suitable in this situation as it looks somehow out of place. Also, note the surroundings before choosing the dress.

  1.    Consider the Sea Breeze

Even if you are walking down the aisle at the peak of summer, the beach can sometimes get quite windy. Choose a wedding dress that’s not easily compromised by the sea breeze. It should be able to resist the breeze however strong it is. That will give you peace of mind as you’re tying the knot and the ceremony will be memorable for years to come.

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