Tips for buying a Cuban link chain

Tips for buying a Cuban link chain Jay Z

Buying a Cuban link chain

Buying a chain is not an easy task. With more options, there is more confusion. There are many different types of chains available in the market and every chain is special in one form or the other.

Men have always complained about having limited options when it comes to jewellery but the entire fashion scene is changing now. With men becoming aware of the latest trends and fashion, there are jewellers who are catering to their needs. Men have more options and a wide collection to take their pick from.

One special type of jewellery is a Cuban link chain. This is a necklace which has strong and thick links as well as a flattened face. Earlier they were used for men as a bracelet but they are now worn as a necklace by many. They can be worn by men and women and the chains are available in different varieties and weights.

Kanye West Tips for buying a Cuban link

Cuban link chains are a class apart. They stand out when worn on any occasion and are popularly seen to be worn by various Hip Hop artists. Many celebrities including actors, athletes and rock stars have been noticed wearing the chain. The chain has an interlinking pattern which is thick and strong and this makes them different from the traditional and simple chains.

Consider these tips before buying a Cuban link chain

Tips for buying a Cuban link chain


  1. The purity of gold: Pure gold is extremely soft and this is the main reason it is mixed with other steels in order to create an alloy. These steels include silver, palladium, nickel and copper. They can transform the colour and the purity of gold. It can help produce white gold as well as rose gold. Very few jewellery pieces are made from pure gold because it will not hold up against the normal wear, hence there is a need to mix it with another steel to ensure longevity and sturdiness.
  2. Karats: Manufacturers of Cuban link chains utilize the traditional gold pureness as a karat to ensure that the buyers know what they are paying for. The buyers are paying for the amount of pure gold that the chain has. A karat is one part in 24 of gold. In the case of pure gold, all the 24 components will consist only of gold. In case of 14 karat gold, only 14 components will consist of pure gold and the remaining 10 will be other metals. When you buy a chain, you need to understand the karats because you will be paying for the same. The higher the carat, higher will be the price of the chain.
  3. Size: There is nothing more important than choosing the right size of the chain. What size do you prefer wearing? It is a collar length or do you like a V on your neck? Do you like a long chain or do you prefer a shorter one? The most popular chain size is 18” and the rest varies according to your physique and preference. It is advisable to put on the chain and try it for yourself in order to ensure that you are making the right choice. A very short or a very long chain is going to look awkward and will attract unwanted attention on the piece of jewelry. You need to be aware of the size that you are comfortable wearing and then take your pick.
  4. Links: After you decide on the size, you need to select the type of links you want to have on it. The kind of link you choose will determine how conveniently it will fit on you. When buying a cuban link chain from frost, you need to understand the different variations in the links and then choose one. A problematic link type is around snake chain which is likely to catch on your garments. It is difficult to wear on a regular basis and will become impossible to fix.
  5. Clasp: Always buy a chain after a thorough inspection of the clasp. The clasp holds the chain in place and is hard to break. You need to ensure that it is strong and also gets closed easily in case you pull the chain harder. Many chains have a ring clasp which is less costly and is relatively slim. It is not as sturdy and resilient as many others. A lobster clip is the most effective choice, it is strong and easy to use.
  6. Smoothness: Check the surface area of the chain before you make a decision to buy. You need to ensure that the chain is smooth. If not, it will feel rough on your skin and if you wear it for longer hours, it will irritate your skin. You can run your fingers over the chain in order to ensure that there are no jagged pieces which could catch your clothing or harm your skin.

Tips for buying a Cuban link chain French Montana

If this is your first chain purchase, you need to pick one that is simple yet elegant. Depending on the purpose of purchase and the frequency of use, you can choose the size of the links and the length of the chain. The right piece of jewelry can dramatically change the way you look. It is an elegant and fashionable addition to your outfit. If you have always worn a traditional chain around your neck, it is time to experiment with a Cuban link chain and change your look and personality. Pick the ideal length of the chain and you are set for the day.

How to style a Cuban link chain

Alright, now that you have purchased a shiny gold Cuban link chain, you should know how to style it. There are different ways in which the chain can be worn on different occasions.

  • The tuxedo look

You wear a classic gold Cuban link chain on your tuxedo and blend the street route in a luxurious outfit. The chain can be worn with a proper suit and bowtie. What matters is the confidence with which you carry the chain on your shirt. The length of the chain will play a prominent role in completing your look.

  • The No shirt look

This look can only be carried off during Summer. If it is summertime and you are at a pool party, you can wear this chain confidently with no shirt on. Alternatively, you can wear it with a basic vest to get a classy and stylish look.


  • Wear it like Rihanna

When it comes to accessorizing, nobody does it better than Rihanna. You can wear the Cuban link chain in a choker style and make it look sexy. It can be worn with any outfit and will add grace to your personality. It helps to add an urban touch to the outfit with the simple addition of a chain. Carry it in style with a classic outfit.

  • The basic look

The beauty of the chain is that they can be paired with anything at all. They can go with any outfit and can add a touch of elegance in no time. If you are not up for experimentation, you can opt for the basic look which includes a nice shirt, a jacket and a chain. It is minimal, fresh and fashionable. You can wear any type of shirt or a jacket and put the chain over it. It is ideal for multiple occasions and even for regular wear.

There are certain rules men need to follow when they wear a jewelry. Always keep in mind that you are not putting on a lot of pieces at the same time. Wearing a ring and a chain at a time will work but if you put on multiple rings and wear this chain, you might kill the look. Both men and women need to ensure that they put jewelry pieces in the right style. Too much is a big no. Never go over the top with jewelry otherwise it could overpower your outfit.

The chain can be worn with a pendant in order to elevate the look. It will sit comfortably around your neck and will add weight to your outfit. However, it is important to keep in mind that the chain does not overpower the outfit. You need to pick a style which suits your personality and is easy to carry. It should not attract unwanted attention or overpower you on an occasion. Pair it with an elegant outfit and you are ready to kill.

You want people to remember your personality and not the piece of jewelry you had on you. Hence, do not let the chain overpower the event. Always ensure that there is an outfit which blends well with it and looks good on you. If you are not sure on how to style the Cuban link chain, just go for the basic look and pick a chain that has links in a smaller size. You can then pick a heavier and longer chain if you feel comfortable about wearing it regularly or on specific occasions as per your preference.


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