It’s Time to Lull Yourself to Sleep…

The last time I had a brand new bed was when I lived at home during high school. After that, it was the torture of dorm beddings, and purchasing the bedroom accouterments from departing residents. Nearing the age of 30, I still haven’t figured out the proper mechanics of mattresses. Like what is the difference between tempurpedic and posturepedic? Are sleep numbers a gimmick or backed by irrefutable science? Why is foam important? Can my mattress really effect how I feel the next morning?

Truth be told, there needs to be a “Real World: Basics to Survival 101” course given at every university and college during your last year, because there are so many questions that have yet to be answered. But with the explosion of social media, “Made in America”, and the thousands of new start-ups bent on business-to-consumer (sans middleman) paradigms popping up every year, life basics are being made more conscious and available, daily – like Lull.

So Lull is one of these new mattress companies that take the “Science of Bedding” and bring us what we need. Not the extra electronics, oddly shaped aids; just the basics at a fraction of the cost.

For instance, I like beds that are cold and firm. Not hardwood floor firm, but just a few inches of really strong cushion should do the trick, yet the firmness should last all night long. My bed should keep me cool all night as I have a tendency to overheat. Lull is comprised of three layers – cooling, therapeutic, and core. Though sewn together to make one unit, each layer plays an individual role:


Gel – there’s a 1.5” gel-infused, viscoelastic (yeah, I have no idea what this word means either) memory foam top layer that shapes to your body creating pressure relief for joints, neck and lower back.

Therapeutic – its a 1.5” layer of premium foam blend for healthy spine alignment and even weight distribution. So if the bed you are sleeping on is so soft, when you lay down it just sinks, you’re not getting the support your body and its crevices need. My last bed was like that and I always wondered why every inch of me hurt, even when I was convinced I had a great night rest.

Core – this layer is the final inches in support. 7” core support is made up of high-quality polyurethane foam for strength, durability and structure to the mattress.

I know, all of this is flying over your head at this exact moment. It flew over my head as well, so I tried it out. The first night it was weird. You know when something just feels right, but since it’s out of your norm, it must be wrong? It’s exactly that. My body loved it. It felt like it was something it had been yearning to have for all these years, but my mind said it wasn’t right. As time went on (I think we’re on week three together now) it just got better. Rarely do I use my laptop in bed anymore, and never do I dump clean laundry on it any longer forcing myself to shimmy to the edge for space. This palatial area is all mine, because I want to enjoy every single inch, every single night. And you can enjoy a palatial arena all to yourself too.

Lull offers a 100-day trial, where after that time, if you hate it, you can return it for your money. And if I were lying in your horrible mattress right now, I’d give it a go. It costs hundreds, maybe even thousands less than many high-end options on the market, plus it’s shipped directly to you in a box. So no tipping deliverymen. Just treat your boo, or bestie, to dinner and drinks for helping you unpack it because it’s quite heavy. It totally can be done toute seule aussi, like I did, but after carrying the Lull box up a flight of stairs and dragging my previous mattress to discard down said stairs – the above bribe will be well worth it. Trust.

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