Three Beauty Tips You Need to Get Ready for Fall

Yes, honey summer is almost over and how nice were you to your skin and hair?  

Are you in dire need of some beauty tips to get ready for Fall?

Three Beauty Tips for Fall

 Not to worry pretty little ladies we have three beauty tips to get you ready for fall now. It is alright that you stayed in the sun longer then you should have and now is the reasons to revitalize your skin and hair. With all of the barbeques, late night partying, vacations and so on, there’s a slight chance that we’ve let the fun get to our body and skin. And that’s okay. We all need a break every now and again.

In the last few weeks of summer you still have a chance to get lucky and try out a new look.  I wanted share three of my best end of summer beauty and body secrets with you that always helps me get rejuvenated and ready for the fabulous fall. Play Free Vegas Slot Machines.

Three Beauty Tips You Need to Get Ready for Fall sephora rose eye masque

Invest in a facial at the end of August

I’m assuming that you would have taken all of your summer vacations by then.  Now, give your skin a nice relaxing moment to recuperate from the harsh sun and drinking you did this summer. Be sure to ask for facials that focus on extractions (if you need them) to get rid of clogged pores, hydration and exfoliation. Sephora is always a great place to start you can pick up a Rose eye mask and relax and mediate as the mask does its job.

Do a de-cluttering of your life

Start with your beauty products, and then move on to your wardrobe and then finish with any paperwork, undone tasks on your to-do list and such. How does this affect your skin and body, you ask? Your environment affects your mind, body and spirit. If your room is cluttered, you don’t feel productive and focused. When you have a long to-do list of things you need to get done, they sit in the back of your mind and stress you out. Eventually, your face gives way to those stresses and literally makes you look tired. The less you’re worried about something you haven’t accomplished, the better you’ll feel and essentially look. A good tip is to start using old makeup etc, and get rid of it before you start using your new makeup.  Give a way items you know look better on your friends.

Give your hair some TLC

Just like with our skin, our hair needs daily tender loving care. But, during the summer months, we’re more likely to resort to braids, protective styling and weaves. Or, we go au natural; doing the least we can to our tresses, relying on wash-n-go’s, quick co-washes and sometimes even dry shampoos.

Now, I’m not saying that any of this is bad for your hair. However, your hair does need just as much of a spa day as your skin from the long, hot summer. So, with that in mind, hit the salon for a full on treatment. Invest in a deep condition, trim, cut, and any other restorative treatment you think you may need to prepare your hair for the cooler months. Even think about getting a scalp treatment or massage to stimulate growth and healthy hair. Whatever you do, don’t forget to tend to your hair after summer’s sexy heat.  Test out some non sulfate products like formally Organix and you hair will forward you for it.


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