Thom Browne SPRING 2017 MensWear Beach Boys

MensWear Monday : Thom Browne 

Normally we are accustomed to a darker collection by Thom Browne, yet for Spring/Summer 2017 the designer took us to the beach.  The collection is undoubtedly California dreaming for the designer.


Beach Boys: Thom Browne SPRING 2017 MENSWEAR

In comparison to previous shows, it was happier, lighter and fun.  Just what gentlemen need in their lives.  The collection invited chivalrous men to be dressed for the sea, sun and sand. For this collection is not for the hippie surfer dude, it’s for the well dressed man off and on the sand.  

Thom Browne SPRING 2017 MensWear Beach Boys

The mood: a post-apocalyptic beach of black sand, gray palm trees.  Attended by a lounging sunbathers in a tight zippered wet suits. From  a black-and-white movie still of the past.  

Thom Browne SPRING 2017 MensWear Beach Boys

At the show John Williams’s ominous Jaws theme began to play, and a model in a black suit—drop-crotch pants, jacket with a dorsal fin attached, head hidden under a leather shark mask—perambulated out and circled the set.


The collection consisted of spangled short suits, tailcoats, and overcoats in brilliant, poolside cocktail shades of orange sorbet, and piña colada.  Embellished with fur or tweed or hibiscus flower laces with embroideries of surfboards, and islands, and sharks.

Thom Browne SPRING 2017 MensWear Beach Boys

All way’s dramatic with touches of white influenced by the seagulls on a beach.  The collection included accessories for their extreme sport man. The models skated down the runway, grabbed a surfboard matching their print, and pitched their stake in the sand.
It’s always nice to end men’s fashion week at Thom Browne.  It is fashion art on the runway. You will be entertained by the collection and how he will tell his tale.  At the end of the show  they also held their breath in a moment’s silence for the esteemed New York Times style photographer Bill Cunningham.


If you are in Paris for Men’s fashion week go check out the store windows with Thom Browne.

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