This Year’s 4 European Destinations To Be Seen At

by Charlotte Smith

This Year’s 4 European Destinations To Be Seen At

Whether you’re planning an adventure with your friends, looking for the perfect city for a family weekend, or embarking on a solo trip, these hot emerging European destinations should definitely be on your travel bucket list for 2019.

Europeans sure know how to throw a great party. Perhaps for this very reason, the scores of backpackers that flock to the continent are more because they are not just looking to explore natural sites and museums, but are also looking to attend ‘the’ parties of their lives. Europeans have the most successful DJs and artists on the planet.

This Year's 4 European Destinations To Be Seen At

Milan, Italy

Milan, the fashion capital of Italy is famous for its vibrant food and drink. Milan is full of beautiful skyscrapers and jaw-dropping courtyards that have held the attention of the masses. This beautiful city will make you crave for more. The food in Milan is rich and hearty with meat and rice taking center stage. The contemporary masterpiece, Art museum Fondazione Prada, and The Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral and the Santa Maria delle Grazie are must-see attractions of Milan. From food to architecture, Milan is charming and attractive with a vibe that is a blend of contemporary history and modern-world romance. When in Milan, you can shop the trendiest clothes from high street boutiques and famous designers.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is a city with many faces offering a unique experience for everybody – whether you’re a shopaholic or a history buff. Due to its rich maritime heritage, It is becoming the hottest destination of Germany. A city with neighborhoods having their own unique character; Hamburg is the most trendy city. The hip neighborhood of Gängeviertel offers the gritty art culture. Hamburg’s Flora-Park is rich in political history. You will always be close to water, almost anywhere you go in Hamburg. Miniatur Wunderland has the largest model railroad in the world and is one of Hamburg’s most popular attractions.

Barcelona, Spain

If you need a city break with a beach, then Barcelona is a great destination for sightseeing and some sport. Barcelona is known for its great art, it is the dream destination or all the culture vultures and the art fanatics. Museu Picasso and other mansions with Picasso’s work are definitely worth a visit. Antoni Gaudi’s unfinished church of the 1880s is a beautiful attraction that is famous for its museum and its view. Barcelona has the most scintillating nightlife that fulfills your heart’s desire. So, if a Barcelona hen do is what you have in your mind, then it will be the perfect blend of immense culture, beach breaks and fun, wild nights.

Lisbon, Portugal

The largest city of Portugal, Lisbon is a Latin fairy-tale of wooden trams and iron funiculars. Since it is one of the most oldest cities, you can feel the antiquity clinging wherever you go. Lisbon offers quaint bookshops that all the avid readers would definitely want to check out.

If you aren’t a fan of the rich fortified wine, you can opt for Portugal’s national drink, Porto. The Chiado district is the major attraction of Lisbon with beautifully elegant Belle-Èpoque shop fronts, cafès and theatres. Famous for its seafood, the city is also proud of its glazing nightlife. You sure can end your European holiday on a satisfactory note.


For an amazing holiday, Europe has everything that you wish for – beautiful architecture, shopping and great nightlife. It is perfect if you want to explore an abundance of party destinations. There is much more to Europe then these amazing destinations that are worth checking out, but the ones listed above are emerging hottest European Destinations to visit in 2019.


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