The Little Things of Liveability – 7 Quick Tips For Staging Your Home

The Little Things of Liveability - 7 Quick Tips For Staging Your Home

 7 Quick Tips For Staging Your Home

Whilst homes come in a multitude of styles, designs, shapes and sizes, it is interesting to consider that most home buyers have similar expectations and wants.  Though most of us are dictated to by our budgets, we are basically all looking for comfort and luxury–a place we know we would feel happy turning the key and coming home to.  It is this premise that home staging is based on. Tastes may vary but not the basic wish list staples such as:


  • warm
  • inviting
  • homely
  • comfortable
  • ample natural light
  • functional

The Little Things of Liveability - 7 Quick Tips For Staging Your Home

If you are selling a home in inner-city suburbs, where house prices are drawing premium results, you may wish to call in the services of experts to stage your home for the ultimate return of investment.  Professional home staging in Melbourne and Sydney particularly are well worth considering.


For those wishing to gain an edge on a budget, let’s look a little further into how staging a home for sale can enhance its appeal–simple strategies which can transform it into an attractive proposition, encouraging buyers to dig a little deeper.


Streamline – 7 Quick Tips For Staging Your Home


Rule one with any home staging is – declutter.  Removing personal items from a home can be an emotive process for sellers but is necessary to allow prospective buyers to view the home as a blank canvas.  Decluttering also creates a feeling of space.  


Dress for Success


Once the decks have been cleared, do an audit of furniture.  Select pieces which will best create a feeling of space and light.  Remove large, heavy furniture from small rooms and replace with compact furniture with legs which show more of the floor.


The idea of staging is to present a home to its best advantage.  Placement of furniture should be done to idealise each room and its function. As an example, bedrooms should be fitted with beds rather than used as junk rooms.  


Dining rooms, lounge and living rooms should be dressed to show their functionality and versatility.  Remove heavy curtains which prevent light from entering and replace them with a minimalistic alternative.

The Little Things of Liveability - 7 Quick Tips For Staging Your Home

Hot topic


On cold days, keep the house warm and inviting so buyers are loathing to leave.  An open fireplace is an ideal way to inspire a feeling of aspirational living but flame effect heaters can also be used to good effect.


Blooming beauty


Professional home stagers will often use plants and flowers to breathe life into a home’s decor.  Both the smell and colour can transform dull, lifeless living spaces into vibrant colourful features and trigger an emotional response in buyers.


Contemporary colour


The flow and space of a home can be interrupted by multiple and conflicting room colours.  Improve the flow of a home by using a neutral base colour on walls such as a pale grey and then pick out feature walls, cushions, artwork with highlighting colours in each room.  Complimentary flowers can be used to enhance this effect.  


Experiment by removing rugs from floors in rooms where they conflict with the colour scheme or make a room feel smaller.

The Little Things of Liveability - 7 Quick Tips For Staging Your Home

Principal rooms


In the real estate business, it is a well-known fact that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes.  Conversely, outdated wet areas can be deal breakers, no matter how well presented the rest of the home.  Buyers can use these rooms to judge the age, quality and value of the whole home.


For this reason, it pays to spend a little more on these principal rooms.  A professional spray paint makeover can transform the dullest tiles, bench tops and cupboards and new handles will complete the transformation.


If these rooms simply require a little dressing, consider the following ideas:

  • Incorporate a pots and pans hanger to give a country feel to a kitchen
  • Live plants in the bathroom
  • Clear the benches and hide personal items and cleaning products
  • Bring out the good towels
  • Maximise storage options
  • Keep it clean!


Entertaining Ideas


Finally, don’t forget the backyard.  Many successful sales have gotten over the line through a magnificent outdoor area.  The key is to create a low maintenance haven where buyers can imagine spending their summers.  Consider:


  • Hide ugly sheds or outbuildings with screens or bushes
  • Stain or paint fences and mend palings
  • Clean and strategically set up outdoor furniture to best advantage


If you are considering placing your home on the market, begin staging it for sale now–before the photos are taken.  Once dressed for sale, preserve the illusion by removing any traces of family life, before each inspection.  


Investing a little time and money in your home today can translate into a higher selling price and a faster sale tomorrow–so why wait?


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