The Working Girl’s Ultimate Survival Kit – 5 Must Have Smartphone Apps

A working girl is a sort of a warrior of modern days, why? ( don’t you think that waking up every day and working hard to save a pair of shoes from the boutique shelves is a real battle ?) So, as any warriors you need your ally and I’ve got your back! Today I am handing you my ultimate weapon. My Top 5 must have mobile applications, both available on IOS and Android. And I can assure you guys your long working days will no longer be the same. Working girls here we come !

Wakey Wakey

We all want to be independent, have responsibilities and do the job that we have always dreamed of. However all of that comes with strings attached. Stressful long working days, endless hours and early waking in the mornings! All of that just gives us headaches. So in order to wake up FLAWLESS and avoid being grumpy, try SLEEP CYCLE. The application will analyze your movements during your sleep and will manage to wake you during the light sleeping phase (COOL ha ?) ! Tested and approved trust me ! Sleep Cycle, 0,99 euros on iOS and  Android

Always Be Fabulous :

A working girl have to always be up to date with fashion. However, despite all the clothes that we have in our closets we always seem to not find the perfect outfit. So we spend hours looking at our closet, then cry! But time is money, so ain’t nobody got time for that. From now on, you can’t count on clothe me. The application is so simple to use. All what you have to do is to take pictures of the items that you own. Based on the items that you own you can navigate through your virtual closet to find the perfect outfit that matches your occasion and weather. The application also allow you to prepare your outfits in advance according to some suggestions. and that girls is the REAL DEAL! Clothe to me, free on iOS  

With organization comes empowerment…

  Any working girl receives tons of emails every day and she needs to be organized! For that matter, Polymail is a must have on your Iphone. As for the users of android, don’t panic we’ve got your back. The app is launching soon it’s android version and we will be keeping you posted Polymail, Free on iOS

Networking Networking Networking :

In order to thrive in the business world, we all need that famous notebook with all the business cards and phone numbers. In order to keep track even without your note book, we present to you EVERNOTE. The app will help you  scan and archive the business cards without having to always carry around your paper versions. Little extra: the application will be automatically linked to your LinkedIn profile in order to complete the missing information of your contacts. Evernote, Free on iOS and Android

With a healthy Body comes a healthy mind :

Every working girl needs to stay fit despite the long working hours. No time for a gym subscription? Nike+ Training Club is the app for you. It offers you more than 100 series of exercises, audio instructions and videos to help you find you inner force? Nike+ Training Club , Free on iOS and Android

About the author

Passionate about Beauty & Fashion, I decided to make a living out of it a couple of years ago. Graduated in business school, I try my best to combine my professional skills and my passion. Book Lover, Geek & Fashionista, 3 descriptions we are not used to see. And yes, I am real.


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