by Claudia Vannini

The Weekend Love Horoscopes with an animated Dawn by URANO. The amazing Planet moves to shake things up here on Earth. Venus participates and, at 2:17 PM GMT, something can change without prior notice.

This event affects business and personal relationships. That may be good news! A pleasant surprise! The MOON in Leo continues its lively journey and creates beautiful scenery after 11 PM GMT. A day full of opportunities here on Earth. All SIGNS surprised by the unfolding of events. #LOVE receives good energy from the SUN and MOON. Friday is lively for #SINGLES who leave for their lion’s hunting.


So much charm in the air. This climate continues until 4 AM GMT on Saturday. Everything improves after NOON on Saturday, but some couples will already have broken up between 4 AM GMT and NOON. Let the Saturday pass, not so good for intimate relationships. Sunday is perfect for the heart, until 11 PM GMT. After that, another tense moment for the couples. SIGNS GOOD IN LOVE THIS WEEKEND #LEO #ARIES #SAGITTARIUS #VIRGO #TAURUS #CAPRICORN 

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