The Top 2017 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends You Need To Know

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Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

The spring/summer time is always the best part of the year for fashion. It’s the time of the year where people tend to get more creative and colourful with their outfit choices. This means you rarely see a boring outfit when you’re out, and everyone just seems a lot happier and more confident.



Of course, the tricky thing with every seasonal change is figuring out what you should wear. Bearing that in mind, here are three of the top spring/summer trends to be aware of this year:

 The Top 2017 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

A Summer Bralette

This skimpy item of clothing is going to make waves in the summer of 2017. You’ll hardly be able to wander into a beer garden or go on a walk to a sunny park without seeing hundreds of women wearing stylish bralettes. They’re almost like crop tops but even smaller than that. Originally, bralettes were meant as lingerie, but companies have cottoned on to their popularity and made more suitable designs that can be worn as part of a summer outfit instead. There are loads of different styles and expect to see very ‘strappy’ ones out in force as well as floral patterned ones. It would be a risque item of clothing to wear on its own, but when put with the right outfit and worn on the right occasion it’s gorgeous. They’re great to wear on a casual weekend or even going out for a summer party.

Bring The 90’s Back With Mom Jeans

 The Top 2017 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

The 90’s are making a comeback with this spring fashion trend. Mom jeans get their name as they resemble the jeans your mum would typically wear during the 90’s. Nowadays, they’ve come back into fashion and represent the perfect jeans for spring weather. Places like Topshop sell a good variety of mom jeans in different colours, fades, and styles. Be warned, they can be a bit expensive for jeans so you might want to slap a Topshop discount code on them to make them more affordable. The reason these jeans are so great for spring is because they’re not super tight and create a real cuteness to your outfit. They’re very relaxed and suit the unpredictable spring weather perfectly.

Flash Those Seaside Stripes

The final trend on this list isn’t so much an item of clothing, but more of a style that we’ll see on many different clothes. Stripes are becoming very trendy, and all the fashion experts are saying they’ll be at the forefront of spring/summer fashion this year. Most people will look to wear stripes on their tops or summer dresses. But, they’ll also be very fashionable as skirts or trousers too. Of course, there are different types of stripes that will be seen more that others. In the summer, you’re likely to see the kind of thick stripes that remind you of the seaside. The reasoning is obvious here, you think summer, you think the seaside! So, it’s just taking inspiration from the season and turning it into a fashion trend.


Think about these three trends and start wearing them as part of your spring/summer wardrobe.


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