The Supersonic Hair Dryer by Dyson

This must be the beauty product of 2016. And I had to talk about it before the year ends.

You probably know Dyson for their vacuum cleaners, but they are much more than that (which I honestly didn’t know about). They recently launched their very first hair-dryer, the Supersonic.

Supersonic by Dyson

Every beauty influencers have received this item and they are lucky. For people like you and I, this hair-dryer will cost us 399 dollars.

I have watched and read many reviews and I made one conclusion : this isn’t worth it. Let me explain, I haven’t tried this hair dryer and if they want to sent it to me, I will gladly try it. But from everything I saw and read, the Supersonic does everything a simple blow dryer will do. It dries your hair and makes it smoother. My Babyliss hair-dryer does the exact same thing and it costs 50€.

I haven’t seen any magical doing after the influencers tried it. Their hair wasn’t smoother, or shinier. It is, without a doubt, the best design I have ever seen. Apparently, it is very light and high-tech. But a blow dryer is a blow dryer. Unless you can afford it, I really don’t see the point of buying such an expensive item.

I link below a review from Kirbie Johnson, who works at PopSugar Beauty. Her review is positive and I think this is the most accurate video I have seen. She is completely smitten by this hair-dryer, unlike me. But at least, she had the chance to try it. I am simply giving my opinion considering the high price.


I would love to hear your thoughts about this. Have you bought it ? Will you consider buying it and why ? I am very curious to know.

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