The Sunset Sommelier – A Guide to Patio Wining & Dining

by Charlotte Smith

 A Guide to Patio Wining & Dining

Summer is almost over means the last hot pies in front of the fire will soon be fresh salads on the patio. If you don’t have an outdoor space for eating and drinking than you are seriously missing out! But don’t worry, even the smallest space can be transformed into an outdoor oasis for sipping your favourite beverages in the cool Summer breeze.

Gone are the days of throwing out an old table and chairs and calling it a day. The true summer drinker has really taken patio decorating up a notch turning any space into the best chill zone to catch a buzz. If you are looking on hot tips on how to make your patio cool, than read on.

  1. Turn up the heat

Even the most temperate climates can have a cold change come through. Keep stress at bay by installing patio heaters in your outdoor dining space. Outdoor heating solutions are incredibly innovative these days and you can install varying heat sources to suit all of your space and heating needs. This will ensure an evening will a cold breeze will not remain comfortable for you and your outdoor drinking guests.


  1. Lovely Lighting

As the sun sets and that gorgeous golden glow sweeps the faces of anyone lucky enough to be hanging on your patio – be sure not to ruin the mood with turning on a fluorescent light! Lighting may not seem like an element you have to take into consideration when planning your patio but it really is! Not only can poor lighting take away from the natural light you want to soak in, it can also attract bugs and other unwanted night critters. So be sure to look into the best bulbs for outdoor use.

  1. Comfort is Key

Outdoor patios these days can be as comfortable, if not more, as your own living room. Amazing weather-proof fabric technology means you can fit out your patio with couches that look and feel like they belong inside. If soaking in Summer is one of your favourite past times, then don’t skimp on the outdoor furniture. Find something high quality, durable and of course fashionable.

  1. Cocktail Convenience

If space allows, build in an outdoor bar and fridge to your patio hang zone. There is something so luxurious about making martinis by moonlight or only having to step a few feet away to refill your loved one’s wine glass. A fully-stocked bar fridge on the patio is a surefire way to get guests over any night of the week!

  1. Mellow Music

Turn up the chill beats and feel the stress of the day melt away. Installing outdoor speakers or having another quality way to play tunes will transform your patio. Whether it be classical music and a martini or some rock and roll and a cold beer – music can and will turn your good night into a great one.

Whether you are eating, drinking or just hanging outside – science has proven that is it good for your health. Fresh air is a great way to feel the day breeze right behind you and there is something about toasting a cold one on a patio that makes hanging out alone or with your besties that much more enjoyable. If you are looking for an excuse to transform your patio into a dream spot, you truly have no more excuses. Winter is the perfect time to hit up sales on outdoor furniture so go on, get planning and be ready to pop the bubbly on the first warm evening of Summer!


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