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I have to admit that I am a food snob and a lot of my travels are focused on the food from the region.  Now London is a different story entirely. The Scene this week  we enjoy  dinner for two at Diciannove Bar and Restaurant London.  Located within the Crowne Plaza London – The City Hotel in Blackfriars.  We were happy to enjoy a 3–course meal for two, with a bottle of wine chosen by the Restaurant wait staff direct from Italy.

Ideally located in the heart of London’s historic Square Mile, the Crowne Plaza London – The City is a stylish hotel offering deluxe accommodation and light relief to busy business (and leisure) travellers away from the hustle and bustle of City life.  Situated on New Bridge Street, the hotel is only a stone’s throw away from the City’s major business districts and some of London’s most major landmarks, including the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral and Covent Garden.StyleCartel_The Scene_Diciannove-02

Now when I mentioned that I was a food snob, I was not kidding.  One of my favorite countries to visit is Italy, mainly for the food.  Either in Italy for business or pleasure, the Cartel and I,  always seeks out the best place for foodies. On arrival to   Diciannove Bar and Restaurant it was a delight to practice my basic Italian with the staff, almost all Italian.  The main person I was intrigued about was the chief Alessandro from Genova, Italy.  Score 10 points for Diciannove Bar and Restaurant. The food snob was happy; the wait staff knew what  wine to recommend  and would compliment our meal. StyleCartel_The Scene_Diciannove-01

Diciannove, an Italian restaurant, deli and cicchetti bar offering authentic seasonal Italian dishes alongside a drinks list that features a range of aperitivo Campari and Aperol cocktails and a private dining space.  Open for lunch and dinner, the main menu features antipasto, freshly made pasta and risotto alongside a range of grills and salads. Diciannove also serves sharing dishes including artisan Italian meats and cheeses, homemade pickles, freshly baked breads and fritti dishes that include prawns, calamari and zucchini.

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The wait staff is your best beat for recommendations from the menu and to suggest the type of wine for you meal. Our The Scene Diciannove Bar and Restaurant London reccomendations would be the Diciannove Lobster Spaghettini with Pjgato, thyme and fresh tomatoes, Diciannove Capesante Scottate Pan fireed scallops with butter nut squash pure and pancetta crumbs, Diciannove Filleto di Manzo fillet of beef with the best soft polenta and seasonal mushrooms in London and the Diciannove Rose di Vitello Rose veal with Rosemary salted potatoes, parsley and tarragon gremolata with veal jus. Last but not least are the desserts.  We wanted to find out what exactly was Chocolate Salami?  It is totally not what you think. Yet it is.  Yes, chocolate in the shape of salami, but only made with chocolate and nuts.  Diciannove dessert plate is the Dolci classic Tiramisu, Delizia al Cioccolato with the chocolate salami and Zabalone lemon custard to end a delicious evening.  For more photos check our Instagram Page.


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