Hotspot Berlin: The Michelberger Hotel


Hello Travelers, Bohemiens & Hipsters! 

Leaving freezing Paris yesterday and headed towards Berlin, lovely sunshine and a vibrating city was awaiting me. Summer has finally arrived!

I put on my summer outift, a mix and match of Top Shop spike shorts, Paris Lafayette shoes, The Kooples bag, Zara t-shirt & leather jacket, Miu Miu Sunglasses and a Pearl necklace of my Grandma, Didi Jewellery smokey quartz necklace, brown leather and pink plastic bracelet. Ready!

My first meeting was at The Michelberger Hotel.

But this place is not only a hotel, it is the new hangout HOTSPOT in town!


The entrance of the Hotel already seemed to promise something, as it said “Trouble will find me” and while looking for a way to enter the Hotel I found another shield “Looking for the entrance? Welcome to the Jungle.”

Well… Welcome to Berlin! I love this city! Crazy, creative, liberal and ironic..


In a prime location, this young nightlife scene hotel is a magnet for all design fans and the ones who love all the unusual concepts.

Eclectic and über-trendy, the Michelberger Hotel is built “for Austrian carpenters, Swedish models or English rock stars”, according to its website. But everyone loves it. Opened in 2009 by the designer Tom Michelberger, this old brick factory, located in the “Ossi” district of Friedrichshain, has captured the essence of the city: feisty, energetic and arty. The spacious hall looks like a loft and the design interiors mix flatscreen TVs, industrial boxes and flea market finds. The 119 rooms are organised according to size.

The “golden room” of the Hotel is my favourite, a special suite with a special design!


Later the day we had a drink in the backyard restaurant, a really nice place to hang out, unique and inspiring.

The Michelberger reflects the free spirit of the city, once you travel to Berlin you can’t miss this place.


A wall out of books, some random old suitcases in the corner or a big birdnest with an egg on top of a shack in the backyard… there are so many details to explore, design made by heart.


Where you find it?

• Warschauer Strasse 39,  +49 30 2977 8590,, doubles from €59

I found my favourite new It Spot in Berlin and I love it!

We spent a great evening, crashing the street festival “Carneval of Cultures“, where all kinds of countries celebrate their culture with music and food, somehow I felt as if I was in Bangkok, streets full with people, vibrating energy, Brasilians playing on drums, Russians drinking Vodka, Dutch eating Poffertjes, Turkish eating Kebabs, Arabs yummy Falafels… and of course.. Germans drinking beer and eating sausages!

People were outgoing, celebrating, laughing and dancing as if there is no tomorrow. Pure life.

Exceptional Event, thank you Berlin!


Have a wonderful Monday!

xo aus Berlin!


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