The Internet : “Come over” music video released

by Shawna Montout

The Internet “Come Over”: New music video alert

June 6th, The internet released a new music video “Come over” ‘s one. The funky music group will be on tour with Gorillaz this fall.

A group who likes to diversify. It doesn’t bother them that an artist from the group does their own things. Whether it is solo songs or other things. They are pretty open. Talking about doing their thing. Syd the band’s frontwoman singer of the group directed the music video of “Come Over”. And she did it the right way. Their fans are loving the vibes and colors. And we also pepped the Destiny’s Child “Say my name”video inspiration. A scene in rooms of different colors.

The music video is a surprise for some of those who have been following the Internet. In the video, Steve Lacey, a member of the group seems to reveal that he is gay. But since it is not said clearly, we are not sure. But the diversity is what we love and thanks to that everyone can relate. The album entitled “Hive mind” is due to July 20th. If can’ t wait till then you have the possibility to pre-order.

On Tour this Fall

The group will be Touring this fall with another group Gorillaz. You may know them From their famous single “Feel Good”.  Both groups will mainly perform in countries from the US and Europe. An occasion for people that never heard about The internet to discover the group and love it. From June 1st to October 20th they will go from the United States to Germany. Passing by France and England without skipping Spain.


The Internet

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